IBM Cloud suffers prolonged outage – TipsClear

IBM Cloud is currently experiencing a major setback, and along with that, many of the services hosted on the platform are down, including everyone’s favorite tech news aggregator, TechMame.

It seems that at about 2:30 pm PT started and spread from there. As best we can tell, this is a worldwide problem and involves a networking issue, but IBM The own status page is no longer loading anymore and returns an internal server error, so we don’t know much about the extent of the outage or what triggered it. IBM Cloud’s Twitter account has also been silent, although we found a status page for IBM Aspera hosted on a third-party server, confirming that it was likely to be a worldwide networking issue.

IBM Cloud, The company, which published a paper in April about ensuring zero downtime, suffered a slight shortfall in its Dallas data center in March.

We have reached out to IBM’s PR team and we will update this post after getting more information.

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