Ian McKellen is ‘happy’ Elliot Page came out as transgender

Veteran actor Ian McKellen has praised his X-Men series co-star Elliott Page for coming out as a transgender, saying he is happy for him.

The Oscar-nominated star of films like Page, Juno and Inception did in December 2020. Posed as a transgender In a statement posted on Twitter.

Reflecting his own experience as a gay man in Hollywood, McKellen told Attitude Magazine that Page’s decision to come out would be a huge incentive for the actor.

“Everything gets better when you come out because you gain confidence. If you are lucky then you can get better in terms of relationships, all kinds of friends, family. The 81-year-old actor said, “In my case, I think in every case, your performance is bound to change and improve.”

McCullen, however, admitted that he himself was “disappointed” at not recognizing Page’s conflict with his identity on the set of the 2006 film X-Men: The Last Stand.

“I remember Elliot Page, in one of the X-Men, we sat down like we are now.” And I had to say when they finished, and I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Nobody could hear what they were saying. So, I said, ‘Look, if you can’t speak, would you mind, when you finish speaking, just drop your hand so I know when you’ve finished speaking?’

“And then they came out (as gay) after years and suddenly you couldn’t stop talking to them. You heard everything And now they are Elliot. And I am very happy for Elliot. And I was so disappointed in myself that I did not know what their difficulty was with communication, ”he said.

In her post on 1 December, Page announced that she had changed her name from Ellen to Elliot and thanked her well-wishers for their support.

“I can’t begin to express how remarkable it really is to love who I am enough to pursue my authentic self. I am inspired by so many people in the trans community.

“Thank you for your courage, your generosity and your continuous work to make this world a more inclusive and compassionate place. I will offer to do whatever I can to try for a more loving and equal society. Page wrote in the post.

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