I Laughed and Laughed Hard

Dwayne Johnson has offered a response to Vin Diesel’s comments that their highly publicized feud was nothing more than an act of “tough love”. in the last three fast and furious Movies, dwayne johnson Starred alongside Vin Diesel as part of the franchise’s ensemble cast. He has since co-starred with Jason Statham in the spinoff hobbs and shaw The Rock has no clear plans to return to the finals bright Movies.

Notoriously, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel feuded on the set of the movie Fast and Furious. Speaking with Men’s Health in the June issue, Diesel claimed that he was actually trying to get a better acting performance from The Rock. The Dom Toretto actor said, “I could give love much harder. Not Felinisque, but I’ll have to do anything to get performance in what I’m doing.”

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Of course, these comments made their way back to Johnson, who was apparently baffled by the whole thing. Recently, Johnson and Emily Blunt chatted with The Hollywood Reporter to help promote their new film Jungle Cruise. Johnson was asked directly about Diesel’s “tough love” comment, and here’s what The Rock had to say about it.

“I laughed and I laughed out loud. I think everyone laughed at him. And I’ll leave it there. And I wished him well. I wish him well on fasting 9. And I wish them all the best. Luck on Fast 10 and Fast 11 and the rest of the Fast and Furious films they do will happen without me.”

If we’re reading between the lines here, Johnson finds it ridiculous that the words “tough love” would be used to describe his relationship with her. Vin Diesel. He also suggests that there is not going to be a real reconciliation anytime soon, making it clear that he has no interest in returning. fast and furious Movies where he will have to work with Diesel once again. Still, he remains on the high street by wishing everyone involved in ending the series.

may rock out fast and furious The series, which is set to end with the eleventh instalment. Still, we might see Johnson as Luke Hobbs in the spinoff sequel hobbs and shaw. Last year, Johnson said a sequel was in early development with Chris Morgan attached to write the screenplay. Movies share cinematic universe fast and furious franchise, though we probably shouldn’t bet on seeing a Dom Toretto cameo hobbs and shaw 2.

Meanwhile, Diesel has found another major pro wrestling star who will serve as a primary player. fast and furious Movies. John Cena made his debut in F9 As Dom’s brother Jacob Toretto, a casting choice that Diesel says came to him from the late Paul Walker. Cena could play a major role in the final two films of the series, which begin production in January, according to Diesel.

The Rock may next be seen with Emily Blunt Jungle Cruise Which will be released by Disney on July 24. This news comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter.

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