I feel privileged: Anjali on working with Michael Madsen in Nishabdham

I feel privileged: Anjali on working with Michael Madsen in Nishabdham
Written by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru |

September 29, 2020 8:23:43 AM

AnjaliAnjali plays a Seattle-based police officer in Nishaddham (Photo: Amazon Prime Video)

Actress Anjali is playing the role of Maha, a Seattle-based police officer in the upcoming film Nishabdham. And she is so excited about her character Maha that she considers it as strong as her role in films like Angaiyum Apopotham and Angadi Theru.

“You will not get strong and soulful roles every day. But, you should be cautious about yourself and make good use of it. Mah is such a strong role, ”she told indianexpress.com.

Anjali describes Maha as a very strong and adventurous cop who works in the Seattle Police Department. And he did his homework to get into the skin of an American police officer. “In addition to my looks, I was trained for my role by stunt masters in the US. They taught me how to use body language and guns. And all the things a cop would do. Before I do a scene Took 45 minutes of training, which included a chase or some kind of action, ”he said.

The month is part of an investigation that revolves around Anushka Shetty’s Witness. “There are a lot of combination scenes with Anushka Shetty and me. Right from the beginning, we had a good rapport and that level of comfort helped us perform better in our scenes together. “

Anjali is also grateful that Nishabdam gave her the opportunity to work closely with Hollywood actor Michael Madsen. In the film, she plays Madsen’s police associate. “I feel privileged. You don’t get the opportunity to work with a Hollywood actor like Micheal Madsen every day. I learned a lot by watching the way they performed. He talks to the camera as if he is talking to a co-star. I think his experience is easy and he is very talented, ”she said.

Directed by Hemant Madhukar, Nishabdam features all actors including R Madhavan and Shalini Pandey. “Everyone knows what they are doing in the film. No one is insecure or worried about their character or their screen time. This is not a film about a hero-heroine. Every character in the film is important. It is in your hands how well you perform.

She also underlines that Nishadham is not the routine style of screenwriter Kona Venkat. Venkat is known for commercial entertainers like Happy and Ready. He said, “It is a matter of great courage for him to adopt this thriller.”

“When it comes to the script or the story of the film, it is interesting. The film will keep you tied to your seats.

Nishbadham will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on 2 October.

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