HyperX drops Alloy Origins 60, its first 60% gaming keyboard

HyperX drops Alloy Origins 60, its first 60% gaming keyboard

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HyperX Alloy Original 60 Mechanical Keyboard


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After partnership with keyboard manufacturer Elegance On a couple of Limited Edition One 2 Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, HyperX going solo with its first 60% keyboard announced for Alloy Original 60. CES 2021The layout of the compact keyboard makes it much smaller than HyperX alloy alloy, Its tenless keyboard. The small size not only frees up space for mowing, but also makes it better for travel.

The keyboard uses the company’s Homegron Red Linear mechanical switch, which I find to be fast, smooth and responsive. They have also exposed LEDs, which makes them really bright. Origins comes standard with a 60 PBT double-shot keycap, with the secondary function printed on the sides so you don’t have to remember where the arrow options are. Three customer profiles for lighting and key macros can be stored in the keyboard’s onboard memory using HyperX’s desktop software.

The keyboard will be available directly from HyperX in the US on February 22 for $ 100. HyperX announced its Pulsfire Hust Ultralight Gaming Mouse, Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset and Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset, which will now be available globally. They were previously only available in the US.

A little bit for Xbox fans

chargeplay-duo xbox-main-series-s.png

ChargePlay Duo for Xbox Series X. S |


If you managed to get your hands on a new one Xbox series x or Series s And with their controllers ready to move beyond AA batteries, the HyperX has a new charging option. The ChargePlay Duo is officially licensed for the Xbox and can charge two controllers with its quick docking design.

The charging station has a weighted base, when you leave your controller on it, to keep it from slipping and there are status lights so you know when they are full. The package includes two, 1,400mAH rechargeable battery packs and additional battery doors to fit on the controllers of the new console.

Look out for ChargePlay Duo at HyperX’s online shop in the US for $ 40.

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