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The last time we heard from, the startup was participating in ClearTips Disrupt Battlefield in September. The company garnered a lot of attention from the presence that culminated in the $ 3.2 million seed round announced today. While they were at it, the founders decided to change the company name to, which they believe better reflects their mission.

Differential VC matched this round with Village Global VC, Good Friends VC, Benny VC and Keshif Ventures. David Magman of Differential will join the startup’s board.

Investors were attracted to Human.I’s personal kind of artificial intelligence, and co-founder and CEO Suman Lawanti says the Battlefield presence led directly to investor interest, resulting in a deal four weeks later.

“I think the messaging that we gave about an individual personal AI in ClearTips Discharge is to protect and recall the blockchain overall. [information] In fact the company has set the stage for everyone, both from a user point of view as well as from an investor point of view, ”Kanagonti told me.

As for the name change, he pointed out that there was some confusion in the market that Luther was a helper like Alexa or a chatboat, and the founders wanted the name to better reflect the individual nature of the product.

“We are building AI for the individual and there is a lot of emphasis on authenticity and a person’s voice and ideas, and how we use blockchain to secure the ownership of data. Hence most of the theory lies in making this AI for an individual human. So we thought, let’s call it, “he explained.

As Kanagonti described it in September, the tool allows individuals to search for nuggets using various types of AI techniques for information on past events:

“This has been made possible through the convergence of neuroscience, NLP and blockchain to deliver seamless in-the-memory. The GPT-3 is built on public Internet memories, while Luther is built on your own personal memories. “

The company is still in the process of refining the product and finding its audience, but reports that so far they have found creative people such as writers, professionals such as physicians, high tech activists interested in AI, school work to see Interest has been received from interested students. And seniors finding a way to track their memories for memoir purposes. All these groups have a common theme of searching for information nuggets with a ton of signs and this is where the power of lies.

The company’s diverse founding team includes two women with lawgo, CTO Sharon Zhang and designer Christie Kaiser, who are themselves an immigrant. The founders want to continue building a diverse organization adding employees. “I think in general we just want to attract a diverse kind of talent, especially because we are also and we believe everyone should have equal opportunities,” Zhang told me.

The company currently has 7 full-time employees and a dozen consultants, but with new funding the engineer and AI talent and head of marketing are working to advance the notion of consumer AI. Although the company today is remote and has employees around the world, it will at some point build COVID’s headquarters, where a few percent of employees can work together in one place.

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