Hugh Grant Takes on Netflix Mockumentary About 2020 from Black Mirror Creator

2020: The Year From Hell mockumentary is among Netflix’s works black Mirror Producer Charlie Brooker. Until now, full details on the project are unknown, but Hugh Grant will be portrayed in a lead role. While preventing anyone from disclosing any details about the mockumentary, Grant talked about his role in an interview with Vulture.

Charlie brooker Wrote a funny article about 2020, “Grant said about his next big project.” It’s for Netflix, and I’m a historian, interviewed about the year. I’m really repellent! And you will like my wig. “

A television veteran, Broker is perhaps best known for making black Mirror 2011 with several episodes being written over several seasons. The sci-fi anthology series continues to receive positive reviews, often impressing audiences with a different mind-bending storyline in each episode. Originally debuting on Channel 4 in the UK, Netflix acquired the rights to the program after its first two seasons, officially moving the show to its new home on the streaming service.

In 2018, Netflix will also release a standalone, interactive black Mirror The film with the audience is able to determine the outcome of the story. Written by Brooker and directed by David Slade, the film Fionn Whitehead adapts a fantasy gamebook into a video game in the 1980s as a programmer. The release went on to win two Primetime Emmy Awards, winning Outstanding Television Movie and Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media within a television program.

Future of black Mirror The franchise is unclear. Back in May, Brooker suggested in an interview with the Radio Times that 2020 is not the right time to chase darkness as the sixth season black Mirror, Meaning he would instead focus on developing more comedic projects. “I don’t know what the stomach will be for stories about societies, so I’m not working on one of them,” Brooker said at the time. “I’m eager to show off my comic skill set again, so I’m writing scripts for the purpose of making myself laugh.”

During this, Hugh Grant Has recently returned to the public eye with its acclaimed role Undo. David E. Produced by Kelly, HBO Miniseries is based on the novel Jean Hanf Correlitz You should have known. It stars Nicole Kidman as a psychiatrist, whose life begins when she suspects her husband (Grant) of being responsible for killing a woman. This is not the kind of role Grant is commonly known to portray, but it seems that fans will see him as a goofy character upon the release of the 2020 mockumentary.

Netflix has not yet publicly commented on the broker’s 2020 imitation, so it is unclear when the project will come to the streaming service. For now, you can watch the first five seasons black Mirror On Netflix. You can also hold Grant Undo, Which recently concluded its run just this week on HBO. We get this news from the vulture.

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