Huawei launches its next foldable in China – ClearTips

Huawei launches its next foldable in China – TechCrunch

Huawei’s first foldable feels like a distant memory. Announced in 2019, the company moved back to the drawing board prior to release, as Samsung participated in its own hyped issues with the innovative products factor.

The Mate X was well received among journalists – I had the opportunity to spend some time with it at the company’s headquarters in China and was impressed with the build quality. But for various reasons, it never made its way outside China. And there is some reason to believe that the newly announced X2 will suffer a similar fate loss.

The new handset has already prepared its share compared to Samsung’s early models – and honestly, rightly so. The X2’s form factor shares much more with the Galaxy fold in terms of design than its own predecessor. And while Samsung’s model got off to a rocky start or two, the company was the first to get things right after a little public trial and error.

And like Samsung, Huawei is a leader with improvements in hinge mechanisms as a major selling point. This is the kind of meat and potato thing that would be glossed over in most other devices, but the hinge has proven one of the major pain points for these devices – and as much as any company can test behind the scenes, realistically There is no place from – the use of the world.

The primary, foldable display is eight inches, with a 6.45-inch screen on the outside – in both cases (7.6 and 6.2 inches, respectively), slightly more than the Galaxy Fold 2. In rendering, the front screen remains on most devices, with a slight bezel and a camera cut. There is also 5G on board, paired with Huawei’s proprietary Kirin 9000 chip and 4,400mAh battery.

Of course, a very important feature is missing, courtesy of all those blacklists. The company is emphasizing the presence of Android 10-based EMUI 11.0 (based on Android 10). The device will likely feature Huawei’s own HarmonyOS instead of Android. The company has been building its operating system in recent years with the understanding that it will likely become a flashpoint in US / China tensions.

We have yet to see a full version of the software, but it’s hard to imagine it being as complete or robust as Google’s 12-year-old mobile OS – not to mention Google’s various applications.

The Mate X2 arrives in China on February 25, priced at around $ 2,800.

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