Huawei EMUI 11: Hands-on With Huawei’s New Phone Software

Huawei has leaned on its intriguing named Human Factors Engineering Research Lab to build EMUI 11, the latest version of its mobile user interface, built on top of Google’s open-source version of Android. Software will come to a limit of Huawei smartphones in the coming months, so what did the lab contribute to it?

Human Factors Engineering Research Lab uses a number of scientific principles to help design the user interface, based on how we use our eyes, hands, and minds when using software to control our mobile devices We do. The goal of engineers is to make sure that we always understand how to have the best conversation on screen, based on our understanding of what we see and feel.

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What does this mean in reality? Take the Calendar app as an example. When you tap a month in the annual overview, switch to monthly view only, as in EMUI 10, EMUI 11 animates the process, easily zooming in to the selected month as soon as it opens the screen. This clean infection helps you focus on work, Huawei says, and many of the reasons are decreased eye movements.

The team knows this because in development and testing it uses eye-tracking systems to see where people are looking at the screen, and by reducing the time we are scanning or adjusting our gaze For, our accuracy and validation gets better. Simply put, we get what we want.

This smooth-is-best approach is used throughout EMUI 11, from the Gallery app to the Notes app, and even how sounds and haptic vibrations are created. When used together, the haptic vibrating rhythm must match and complement the playable audible sounds, as it helps you recognize alerts even in busy or distracting environments. Understanding more about the way UI design is made by manufacturers is an interesting glimpse into the way we use our phones every day.

I have tried the beta version of EMUI 11 on the P40 Pro, and the ergonomics have certainly been improved, but it is not a major change on the EMUI 10. The calendar view described above is the most noticeable change with a new, more informative album view in the Gallery application. Otherwise, apart from a few speed changes and perhaps a little more “spring” in the menu, everything seems quite ergonomically familiar.

Huawei’s Petal Search App Has Become a Widget in EMUI 11 Andy Boxall /

Petal search has been changed, with Huawei’s search system becoming a widget on the home screen to help newcomers find the apps they need while building the app gallery store. It looks similar to Google’s search bar widget, but it currently serves as a shortcut to the Petel search app, not just independently.

My favorite change to EMUI 11 is the always new display, which features unique colorful look, some animated icons and the ability to customize it with your own images, or even taken from your environment or organization Has the ability to tailor it with color schemes. Using the camera. It is highly customizable with the option to show the date, notification icon and battery icon. Mondrian-influenced shapes work really well, especially with different color options, and it really helps to personalize your phone.

Huawei has also upgraded the multi-tasking system with a smart multi-window, where Windows can float on apps and be minimized on a small button, which can be recalled when further interaction is needed. . The Privacy and App Permission systems have more control options for fixing apps that apps can do, as well as a new hidden photo album and hidden memo folder for notes that require passcode or biometric authentication to open And does not have access to third- party apps at all.

In the short run so far using EMUI 11, it is clear that this is not a feature-packed update on the same scale as EMUI 10, but there are welcome changes that are already a fluid and engaging piece of software Increase.

When will it be on your phone? Huawei will announce availability during the presentation of the Huawei Developer Conference on September 10, but has stated that most recent phones, including the P40 series and the Mate 30 series, will receive updates, and will also come on the Huawei tablet.

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