How to Watch the Burberry Spring 2021 Show via Livestream This Week

Photo by John Phillips / BFC / Getty Image for BFC

Catch all front row action from your couch.

This week, Burberry will hold its Spring 2021 runway show in London – without an audience. However, this is not to say that fans of the brand cannot take all Front Row action from the comfort of their home. Today, Burbari has announced that it will livestream its Spring 2021 show on Twitch this Thursday, making it the first luxury brand to partner with the platform in this capacity.

According to a release, the brand – which recently launched a series of Animal Kingdom pop-ups across Canada – allows multiple hosts to share different views of the show in one window using the streaming platform’s squad stream functionality While viewers can chat with each other through the chat function.

“Burberry has always been the first brand and continues to partner with Twitch,” said Burberry’s chief marketing officer Rod Manley in a press release when Rod Manley said the British brand livestreamed a show for the first time. “Twitch unlocks an exciting new location where our Burberry community can be digitally transported to feel that their live shows have a virtual seat. It’s an interactive experience where guests can enjoy our brand and each other Connect with and personalize your journey. “

Ready to take your front row seat? All you have to do is tune in to Burbari’s Twitch channel on Thursday 17 September at 8 am EST.

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