How to watch CNET’s livestream on the first day of CES 2021

How to watch CNET's livestream on the first day of CES 2021

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This is part of the story CES, Where our editors will bring you the hottest news and latest virtual CES 2021 hottest gadgets.

If you usually spend your post-January part CES Don’t worry about the 2021 show’s all-virtual format to know what year the technology and gadgets will bring. No, the industry isn’t going to Las Vegas this year, but the show will go on and CNET will still find the most attractive new products and bring you the most important stories and trends.

To experience CES 2021 for yourself, you only need to watch CNET’s livestream. We will air a full day on Monday 11 January, when the show opens and starts early. The press conference reveals the product, a CES keynote presentation and expert commentary from our editors and hosts. Of course, we will not have a CNET stage, but our team members will join you from their domestic stages across the country.

Here is our schedule for Monday, January 11 (all events are listed in Pacific Time). To see it all, go to

4:30 AM – Livestream started!

4:45 pm – CNET hosts welcome CES 2021.

6:00 am – Samsung press conference (note that Samsung’s own Galaxy S21 phone will be revealed on Thursday, January 14, in a separate unpacked event from CNET).

7:00 am – Panasonic press conference.

8:00 am – Bandhan press conference.

9:00 am – Kohler held press conference.

10:00 am – Intel press conference.

11:00 am – Indie Autonomous Challenge.

12 noon – Caterpillar Press Conference.

1:00 PM — Schneider Electric.

2:00 pm – Sony press conference.

3.00 PM – CNET’s Roger Cheng, Jason Hyner, and Claire Reilly discussed CES during our Editors’ Round.

3:30 pm – Verizon CEO Hans Westberg with CES keynote address.

4:30 pm — that’s it for today! Join us tomorrow, January 12 for CES Day 2.

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