How to Set Google as the Homepage

You can consider Google as your primary search engine, but your laptop or your smartphone may choose a different search engine as your go-to. Some laptops automatically go to Bing or Yahoo. If you open your device every time, manually opening Google can be annoying and frustrating.

Our quick way-to-guide will show you how easy it is to convert your device’s homepage to the Google search engine.

How to set Google as the homepage in any browser

Microsoft edge

If the idea of ​​your homepage is more like, “Whatever page opens when the Edge starts,” then here is the fastest way to set it up.

Microsoft Edge on Startup Options Screenshot

step 1: Open an edge window and select More actions (Dots in the top right of the screen) and then Adjustment.

Phase 2: inside Adjustment Page, select starting From the menu on the left. Then select Open a specific page or pages.

step 3: Once you do this, another sub-menu will pop up under that option. In this menu, select Add a new page And then enter to pop up in the dialog box. Then select to link.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome should, under normal circumstances, automatically take you to a window with the search bar and many of your favorite websites, so many Chrome users may not have to worry about this step. But if you want to set a more official home screen or double-check that everything is still working, here’s what to do.

Appearance Options on Google Chrome Screenshot

step 1: Choose to more options Icon (three vertical dots) in the top right corner of the screen in your browser window. Then select Adjustment.

Phase 2: Choose Appearance. From the Appearance menu, select the toggle button Show home Button Options.

step 3: When prompted to type in the URL of your chosen homepage, enter in the space provided.

pay attention: This option may not work if you are using Chrome on a tablet or phone where the settings options are slightly more limited.


According to Google’s support site, how to set Google as your homepage in Safari:

step 1: Open safari, select Safari In the top left corner of the screen, then select like. From here, select Mango.

Phase 2: Look for the heading that says home page With a place next to it. Then type in


Fortunately, you should not run into any obstacles with this browser. Firefox has a very straightforward setup feature for setting up a homepage. When you first open the Firefox browser, type in Google. After Google’s main search engine visits the site, take the following steps:

step 1: Click on the tab itself (select the bumper where the page title is usually) and hold down. Then drag the tab to the homepage button that Firefox uses in the taskbar – it looks like a small home, and it’s hard to remember.

Phase 2: This will bring up a quick notification asking you if you really want to set it as your homepage. Select Yes, and you are done.

step 3: If you want to remove and change the current homepage options more directly, click on the three-line menu button and go to Options. From here, select the Home tab and see the New Windows and Tabs section and select the Restore Defaults button, which will clear any previous options.

Firefox homepage options screenshot

Advanced Options: Set a series of tabs to open

Your homepage is convenient when using Google, yet it is very simple. You can already know your go-to websites and which you want to navigate immediately after opening the browser. If so, you can use some options to set up multiple pages to help save a little time each time you run your favorite browser.

We recommend this tool for anyone who has a similar daily Internet routine. Play with your options too; Google Chrome gives you a way to choose correctly where have you gone. A simple way to set up multiple pages in Firefox As your homepage, And Mac computers will do Automatically open websites Each time you specify to log in to your computer. If this feature is used efficiently, it can save a little time in your routine.

How to Set Google as the Homepage
How to Set Google as the Homepage

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