How to remove Mascara?

The main disadvantage of the waterproof mascara is its safe removal. We mostly need an oil-based cleanser to dissolve the product, which is inevitably accompanied by the raccoon eye, you should rub a lot, which irritates our eyes and makes us lose lashes which are of perfect health. It is for this reason that most of the women stopped wearing waterproof mascara

If you use a cream cleanser: Apply cleanser directly on your lashes with your fingers, then apply a compress, two slices of cotton soaked in warm water. Wait ten seconds and then give a light pressure, make a downward motion with washers and repeat upper eyelashes to the cheek. This is the best way to take off the mascara from your lashes.
If you use a liquid or gel cleanser, first soak the cotton in hot water, and then dry them. Then soak the slices of your cleanser. This is done to make sure your washers are warm in addition to the cleanser.

If you remove makeup in the shower, you can just leave a little lukewarm water on your eyes closed and your fingers gently pinch your lashes (between the thumb and index finger) and pull gently.

And do not panic when you look residues in cotton or washers between your fingers. These are not your lashes that are there, but the small tubes that took the form of your lashes. I know it is to be mistaken, at first I was I thought I had lost all my eyelashes! I quickly realized that I had all retained. I even fun to take a tube between my fingers and pull at each end. What was my surprise when I saw that the tube is stretched like a rubber band. This is due to the formula-based elastic polymers.

A long scarf is always fashionable and gives a chic and trendy look. It is different from the square scarf and imposes perfect style in any season. Here are some ideas to put on and wear your scarf length. Trends tricks to create the style and surprise but also ideas to enhance your beauty with this accessory that gives the look to all women who wear them.

This is the easiest way to put your long scarf around your neck. It gives a casual and urban style and brings a trendy style. The major advantage of this scarf is absolutely ideal for all ages of your life, as they say, it is a must-have timeless. It is expressed both by its utilitarian function in winter, autumn and spring sometimes in summer this year. It can be selected in lots of colors and material selection is as wide as possible. 

With cotton sails, silk, synthetics, all choices are possible with scarves around your neck, slightly rolled around. This is another lovely idea for women to wear your scarf as a belt around the waist in summer. At the beach it can even be worn as a top, it’s very sexy and when it is silk, super soft contact with the skin of your body. You tie around the waist with the knot on the side or behind. You can also put it in your belt loop, which is also a great way to locate trend and will look great placed well.

Consider finding a scarf slightly stretch it achieves specific hairstyles. Otherwise, you can also choose the long scarf that you like provided that clear and have a long-form that is big enough for it. The silk scarf is also made of beautiful hair you see. It will bring a unique charm to any women who wear it. It can be put on your head and tied in the neck with the pan comes before or behind.

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