How to remove Makeup?

At the end of the day, facial makeup cleaning is an essential step for daily and continue to have soft and silky skin. Removing it correctly is a prerequisite for maintaining a radiant and luminous. So it is necessary to choose your care and non-aggressive cleanser effective for cleansing for your skin.

After a day-long, you must remove your makeup so that your skin can relax, breathe, and regenerate while you sleep for the next day. The removal is a simple task to do, but few women do it correctly. Some are so tired; hence, they lie with their makeup. This practice is not only unhealthy for the sheets and pillowcase but also unhealthy for your skin. To remove itself correctly, it is advisable to possess adequate products and accessories as a cleanser, a facial cleanser, a clean towel, cotton swabs, and a facial moisturizer. Removing makeup from the eyes should be carried out with at most care.

Many people wonder about the need for a makeup remover. Some believe that regular washing of the face can remove makeup. However, they do not realize that by washing the front, all the products are not removed from the skin, and they need something stronger to remove makeup, but not strong enough to affect the skin. Start by cleansing the eyes. It begins with the eyes because the cleaning of the eyes can be difficult, especially if it is waterproof. 

It is recommended to find a specific eye makeup remover because it will not burn your eyes while removing makeup around the eyes. Close your eyes and start at the top of your eyelids with a movement downwards. Make sure you do not stretch the skin, as this may cause eye irritation. Use a new cotton swab for each eye. If you do not have makeup remover, you can also use baby oil or wet wipes on your face. Do not use a cleansing base that can irritate the skin around the eyes as well as your eyes.

The cleansing of the face and lips should be done following specific procedures. For cleansing the front, you can use any facial cleanser except against allergic indications. Do not use soap for the body because it too dries up your skin. To remove the remaining makeup, start by wetting your face. Then, apply the facial cleanser on your fingertips and gently apply on your face.

Do not scrub your face too, as it may cause irritation. Do not forget to wash your neck, especially if you have also applied makeup. Focus on the areas where you use more powder. Wash your face twice to ensure that there is no makeup residue left on your face. Use lukewarm water to rinse the cleanser left on your face. 

Take a clean towel to dry your face. Gently pat dry to avoid irritating your skin. Use a toner (avoid alcohol-based toners) to clean your face. It is a recommended step. Staying all day with the makeup affects your skin. To help replenish the nutrients of your skin, use moisturizer water-based (preferably) before going to bed.

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