How to Get Your Powerful Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Relic Weapon

About a year and a half after its release FFXIV: Shadowbringers, It is almost this time to work on an expanded version of the remnant weapons capable. While rarely the strongest pieces of steel in the game, they usually grind a traditional MMORPG that we can’t get enough of from Warriors of Light (or Darkness).

Shadowbringers The remains are ready for debut in 5.35. As of last week, we had no clue when the update came, but with the Tokyo Game Show just now, we now know that the day of October 13 will be back from the game for thousands of us from where we disintegrated. Must have gone Since the last update. Here’s how to get caught first.

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Shadowbringers how to unlock resistance weapon

Hail FFXIV Shadowbringers to Queen Search Location

Like any search, there are prerequisites that you must meet in order to show it. This requires a bit of travel once.

To start Save the Queen: Blade of the Gunhilder quest series, you’ll need to complete a full 24-man raid Stormblood. That is, Return to Evalis raids Rabanastre, Ridorana Lighthouse, and Orbonne Monastery. Assuming that you are otherwise up to date, those quests were completed and dusted, which would cause the Hell in Search to show the Queen in the Queen Market. Accept that, and you’ll be on your way.

Shadowbringers resistance weapon steps left

Step 1 – Thavarian Scalp Powder

So after months of teasing, what does Shadowbringers Is the relic chain in the shop? Not really much. As far as the remnant arms move, this is one of the best efforts yet. You only have to follow the natural progress of the search from Kugane Market.

This is a long opening series, so be prepared to schedule some time for some of its fights and cuteness. Nothing too difficult here, and once you are following the cutscenes, you will be given the perfect amount of Thavnairian Scalepowder to craft your first iLvl 485 Shadowbringers Residue.

Step 2 – For Confirmation

In form of Shadowbringers Patch 5.3, is no second phase of the current relic weapon search series. Next step 13. Patch is scheduled to arrive at 5.35 sometime on October StormbloodEureka’s Relic Area, The Shadowbringers Investigations with the Blades Congregation of the New Gunhilder will take us to the Bojan southern front to recreate the old fortress reviving Castrum Lacus Littor from the Garlen Empire. Expect a heck of a fight once we get there.

How to make more resistance weapon remains

FFXIV Shadowbringers are additional relic weapons

If you really want to punish yourself, you can have many different Shadowbringers You have 80 levels of weapons. On the iLvl 485, they are slightly stronger than the recent Ruby Weapon drops, and are comparatively much easier to obtain.

To make another weapon, go back to Gerolt at Gangos. Hop on another level 80 battle class and talk to a colleague near you to take a repeatable quest. Bring a lot of Thyvernian scalepowder to the wheel and you’ll have another relic weapon.

How to get back to gangos

Gangos is a bit outside. It is no doubt that later patches will become much larger, but for now, its small size makes it difficult to track down.

To get back to Gangos, all you have to do is travel to the Doman Enclave. If you go for antihearts in both areas, you will be able to teleport to Gangos from here. If not, you will have to board another boat from there.

Can’t teleport to the daemon enclave? Then you have to teleport to Namai and go almost west to the dock. From there, you can take a boat to Doman Enclave and then another boat to Gangos. This time remember to go to the Anethries.

Where to find thovenarian scalpowder

FFXIV Shadowbringers Thyverian Scalpder location

When it comes to building a second resistance weapon remnant, you’ll have to get your own Thevenarian scalpowder. This part falls more in line with traditional relic stages, requiring you to obtain and spend a good amount of poems. You get by almost any serious activity these days, so you should never have to work particularly hard to get enough of the Thevenarian scalpowder.

Once you were a staple in Auriana in 1,000 poems, the toll of the Revenant and Hismena above Idyllshire to exchange your tomstones for the required amount of Thyannarian Sclepowder.

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