How to Convert WMV Files to MP4

Although Windows Media Video (WMV) files are great, it is more common to use the MPEG4 (MP4) format. This means that you need to convert your WMV files to MP4. Fortunately, there is a laundry list of capable video converters on the market that support a multitude of video formats.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the better options available. Keep in mind that some software is online-only, while for other applications you must first download the software.

Also, if you have any MKV or MOV files around which you also want to convert to MP4, we also have guides for them.

Software converters

Handbreak (Windows / MacOS / Linux)

Handbreak seemed to be on its last legs in 2006 when the initial creator of the software, Eric Petit, closed the face of the earth, but the development was carried out with the help of some ambitious people, who were inspired to update and modify existing software Was a changing world. Open-source video converter is now one of the most elaborate software packages for accelerating and converting video files for playback on many popular devices and platforms. The interface is sleek and well-designed, if a little intimidating, offering a variety of customizable, frontline-enhanced features that would take a bit to get used to before you really capitalize on your capabilities and intuitive uses Huh. Handbreak guides and forums are always available if you need help without spending enough time with the program.

Other notable features include video editing tools for splicing, adjusting frame rates, adding subtitles, and mixed video effects, all of which can be viewed in the live preview window. Experienced users can encode multiple, tedious manual inputs to achieve quick batch processing and prompt results. Handbrake simply cannot be topped when converting files to MP4 or MKV format, but it is also not for the initial reluctance to learn the software. In late 2016, a new version of the software, 1.0.0, was released completely again with presets, including new presets for new mobile devices, new MKV presets, and VP9 video encoding. The handbreak has since been updated and is currently at version 1.3.2.

MediaCoder is a program full of great conversion features. The interface, though discouraging at first glance, is relatively simple once you learn your way, offering a boat of customizable features to convert videos to the specified output format of your choice . Whether you can process MPEG for a low memory footprint or the process of batching multiple AVI files to compress files, MediaCoder can handle it.

You’ll find additional settings to modify the output – including the ability to convert video to grayscale, quarter-pixel, cartoon, or high-quality modes – as well as adjust adjustments for both the audio and video components of your file. The speed and resulting quality with accelerated conversions is Grade A and the emphasis is on maintaining original quality across formats.

MediaCoder is an exceptional piece of software, but it is more geared towards tech aficionado than trying to create a zippy conversion by a user for the first time. But if you prefer to focus on details and your primary interest is in quality and low-loss transfer, then MediaCoder is a safe bet.

The only real problem we have with the latest version is the download server can be particularly slow. The application is not very large, so it is not the end of the world, but if you are in a hurry, open some download links to find the fastest server for you.

Web-based converters

Wmv for cloudconvert mp4 screenshot

Not everyone wants to download a stand-alone application to meet their video converting needs. Fortunately, CloudConvert is one of the best online tools for simple file download and conversion. The free-to-use site allows users to select files ranging from FLV and MLV files to 3GP and MPEG4 from their Google Drive or Dropbox account, or drag them directly from their desktop into the browser window. The entire conversion process takes place in the cloud, and output settings – such as aspect ratio, codec, bitrate, and resolution – can be obtained from the web app’s sparse interface before converting files. After the conversion, you can press the download button to download the file directly to your computer.

The web-based service lacks the feature set and speed of standalone programs for Windows and MacOS, but is efficient at converting a range of files without deviating from its intuitive interface. Batch converting and folder monitoring allows users to tackle large projects without messing with more complex software.

Online-convert screenshot

The online-convert video component provides the option to convert your files to 11 popular formats including MP4, AVI, and MOV. There are additional options for making some minor edits, including changing the screen size, audio quality, bitrate, and other minor adjustments.

Online-Convert is easy to navigate, and if you’re not sure where to find something, you can use the search function in the lower-right corner of the page to quickly find out. For example, if you want to know if online-conversion is capable of creating your desired conversion. There are also options to customize just about every device imaginable.

Uploading and converting video files will not be a problem for most users. However, if you want to upload files larger than 100MB or convert more than four files simultaneously, you will need to upgrade the premium subscription option. This paid option gives you access to more advanced options like these, so it can be a good option for those who convert video files regularly.

Whether you upgrade, the online-convert site is stable, relatively devoid of ads, and offers a variety of format options. You do not need to download additional software or unwanted browser extensions to handle conversions. In addition, many other sites on our roundup do not include a hash generator.

Converting WMV files to MP4 was expensive and time consuming, causing more annoyance, which many people wanted to deal with. These days, you can find lots of software and many web-based converters that can do the work quickly and easily. Even better, in most cases, you can do it for free. Keep in mind that this may initially involve a slight learning curve, but most of these tools are relatively intuitive. If you have a lot of files that you want to convert, however, choosing the subscription option may be the best way to start.

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