How to Change Your Apple Watch Band

Apple Watch makes a statement. It shows that you are on top of the latest technology. It also shows your fashion sense, but you can add even more style to a changing watch band.

Changing your watch band is a snap, and we’ll let you go through this process. We also suggest if you are struggling during the process. However, It is up to you to choose whichever band speaks for your understanding.

Prep the surface

Apple Watch Band Setting
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Before you start working on your watch, as shown above, prepare a soft microfiber cover on a sturdy table. This prevents you from accidentally scratching the beautiful watch face.

Release old band

Apple Watch Band Connector
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Phase 1: Flip the clock to see two thin, elongated oval release buttons – one at the top and one at the bottom. Hold the watch firmly in your hand before proceeding, or place it on the surface of a soft cloth.

Apple Watch Strap Removing
Phase 2: Either hold down the release button and shift the band to the right or left until it exits the watch body, as shown above.

step 3: Rinse and repeat for other watchbands.

If you are having trouble removing the band, hold down the button and try again. Some bands are easy to remove, while others can be extremely stubborn, especially if it has a collection of gunk.

Finally, your Apple Watch should look like the Limeless model pictured below.

Apple Watch Band Split
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Add new band

If you see the new band, you will see a small plastic in the center. When you insert the band, this piece moves into a small lock on either side of the watch body, securing the band.

It is said to slide the replacement band until you hear a click, indicating a proper locking seat. However, read on for actual step-by-step instructions.

Apple Watch Band Attachment
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Phase 1: Position your new strap properly to fit your wrist so that it is not upside down or upside down. If you are switching from a two-strap band to a loop, it may require some guessing to post it properly.

Phase 2: Slide the new band into the groove until you hear the click. Without pressing the release button, gently rotate the left and right bands to ensure that it is securely connected – it should not move.

step 3: Repeat these steps for the other side.

Remember, make sure the band is securely fastened before wearing the watch again. There is nothing more terrible than looking at that expensive device and hitting the pavement.

New Apple Watch Band Replacement
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If you just bought a new Apple Watch, the company has a gorgeous collection with a wide variety of designs, which means that you can vary the model by the way you adjust them. With so many great straps to choose from, you can create a different look for every occasion and season.

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