How to care for silk ties

Practical fashion advice for your wardrobe of everyday life. A special man to learn how to wash and clean his best ties whatever be the material and particularly beautiful silk ties trend that we love so much. 

The tie is a fashion accessory that takes a lot of risks daily because the tie is in the front line during meals and often it is toast and stained or damaged, it dipped in coffee, jams and undergoes the vagaries of day, weather, time and small daily worries should be avoided or repair best to keep time and take care of it to keep them beautiful and sparkling, radiant, chic, elegant and unique style. This is our practical fashion advice, our tips and tricks for home, travel and work.

The first thing to know to take care of ties is to prevent damage by giving them irreparable folds hence you have to always resolve them. To loosen your tie make sure your hands are clean and free of dirt or nails badly cut. Indeed, a simple skin or piece of nails can take a thread of silk and permanently damage your silk tie.

Taking care of its silk tie begins with the facts of unwinding it and keeps it straight. Try to tie your tie always at the same level in order to reduce the area of use. If you notice once your tie is not straight untied your tie. Wrap your tie’s thinnest widest edge to smooth and straighten your tie wrinkles. This is the best and most gentle treatment to avoid wrinkles.

If your tie is greased do not iron, as this may damage the silk. Instead, use a steamer instead of steam.

A little trick is to hang your tie in the bathroom while taking a hot shower – a great way to straighten a tie or even a shirt when travelling. There are two ways to best preserve your tie. Suspend or roll. 

Boot from the tip to the side broadest and store them flat in a drawer or in boxes if they are sold like this store. If you want to suspend your tie, nothing more simple, just hang it, or just use a hanger. However, if you use a hanger to ensure that it does not present anything sharp or hot may damage your Silk Tie.

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