How to Achieve Radiant Skin Just In Time For Summer

With summer approaching, this is the perfect time to step our skincare routine up a notch to achieve a more hydrated, dewy and refreshing complexion! To help us achieve all of our bright dreams we tapped Ivy Lynn, a skincare specialist and Crabtree & Evelyn Innovation Manager, for their top REs to help us get ready, buffed and ready for the warmer months.

From a super hydrating moisturizer to a gentle exfoliating bar to a hardworking cleanser, we’ve got you covered with all the best gifts to keep your skin hydrated and radiant in summer:

Evelyn Rose Soft Touch Face Foam

Soft enough to use both morning and night, this cleanser, which removes makeup, dirt, and grime, is the perfect solution for those hot and humid summer days. Start your skincare routine with this refreshing cleanser filled with cottonseed oil, coconut water and Crambe Abyssinica seed oil, which makes your skin feel soft and clean without taking away your natural moisture. “Use your hands to gently clean and activate the foam for greater control over the areas you’re cleaning,” says Lynn, and enjoy a satisfying froth. And if you’re looking east for more hygienic cleaning, Lynn The Gardeners recommends double cleaning with Cultivated Cleansing Oil.

Bali lemongrass tonic

Start hydrating your skin before applying moisturizer with this refreshing lemongrass tonic. Rich in aroma of bamboo water, aloe vera and mild lemon, this highly effective skincare staple actually erases excess oil and removes redness. In addition, lemongrass is known to aid in reducing enlarged pores, so we would say that this tonic is a complete victory.

“Using a tonic helps to retain moisture, especially when you have washed your face. Keep your face balanced and feeling refreshed. Additionally, it enhances the surface of the skin and prepares your face for the next step in your skincare routine, “says Lin. For best results, use after cleansing and erase any breakout-inducing bacteria. For swipe with a cotton pad on your face.

Evelyn Rose Hydrating Glow Face Moisturizer

Whether you have dry, oily or mixed skin, this moisturizer is for you. Rich in nutrients such as rose water, niacinamide and micro-algae, this formula works to reduce fine lines, redness and uneven skin complexion, while providing hydration. That much, 89 percent of participants in a clinical study agreed that this radiant moisturizer made their skin’s texture feel smoother and softer after 28 days of use – essentially a facials in a jar.

Mixed Berry Oil Booster

To maintain healthy skin, you will want to nourish it with this ultra-rich formula that is loaded with antioxidants that help fight free radicals and increase radiance. This mixed berry oil booster is made with kakadu plums, camu camu, acai and goji, and can be added to your daily moisturizer for extra vitamin boost and protection layer.

“The texture is light and absorbs quickly so that you don’t have that heavy, ‘weight down’ feeling,” shares Lynn. Just add 3-4 drops to your cream or use Solo Post Moisturizing for a glowing complexion throughout the day.

Coconut + Sandalwood Body Balm

If you have sensitive skin, you will soon swear by this soothing coconut + sandalwood body balm. The non-greasy, gentle formula is made with Murumuru seed butter which restores moisture and the skin’s natural elasticity, hydrating coconut oil and sandalwood for a light and fragrant aroma. “It has a lipid composition similar to natural skin and forms a protective film that retains natural moisture,” says Lin.

You are going to enjoy how amazing and attractive it makes you. And for best results, Lynn recommends using it right after your shower to lock in moisture.

Whistle Buff + Exciting Body Bar

Shine in the shower? Sign us up This whistle buff + invigate body bar is actually your first line of defense to eliminate summer sweat and keep your skin fresh. Rich in body-buffing bamboo stems, apple fiber and shea butter, this 3-in-1 formula reduces shower time by exfoliating, hydrating and cleansing your skin, helping you achieve radiance from head to toe. Helps.

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