How Supergirl’s Chyler Leigh Relates to Character’s Coming Out Story

Great girlAlex Danvers not only inspired a legacy of fans, he also inspired the woman who plays him.

In a recent post on his website Create Change, Chyler Leh How Alex’s journey to come out as a lesbian in season two inspired his own journey with his sexuality.

“I had no idea how the scene was where she finally confessed her truth. She would leave the pages of the script and actually become my own variation. IRL,” Leah wrote. “My heart felt like it was being filmed on each of us from my chest, each time offering another opportunity to get my honest words out of my mouth. Although they don’t exactly match my personal dialogue , But definitely the heart behind it. Done. “

“From the director, press, media, actors, and fans, I’m still told that this was the most realistic visual scene they’d ever seen,” she continued, citing Superhero Drama, citing season two, episode six. “And to steal from Alex’s words, it’s because there is some truth to what he said about me.”

He said, “I am not grateful for the negative feedback, because as I said, we all have had a hard time with acceptance for one way or another (whatever the subject may be) whether it is ourselves or Be towards others, ”she said. “It is a long and lonely road for both my husband and me, but I can say wholeheartedly that after all these years, he and I are still exploring the depths of ourselves and each other, but Throughout our journey we have learned to be proud. Who we are, no matter what. ”

Leah married Nathan West in 2002, and has three children.

Leah took to Instagram on Tuesday to thank fans for her support.

“Hi guys. Today I’ve got an outpost of love and support to accept and love myself, as I really am.” “Once we face our own true selves, we can see the world around us better, as well as how we can make a positive and lasting change for equality and love. I am grateful to see more clearly, take a little breath. Easy, I am proud that I contribute to them all with an honest, open heart. Sending love to all of you. ”

That post received even more support from Costar and fellow artists. Melissa Benoist Replied, “Love you didi,” and Nicole mens Said, “I am very proud of you and I am very happy for you. My love and support to all of you.”

Floriana Lima, Who played Alex’s first girlfriend when she came out in season two, also reacted.

“Chy, I am incredibly PROUD and HAPPY for you. You are a beautiful example of a fearless honesty, and I cannot praise you more,” she wrote.

Before he was Alex Denver, Lexi was known to play Lexi Gray Grey’s Anatomy.

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