How Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers Fell So Hard, So Fast

Shailene Woodley & Aaron Rodgers Celebrate Valentine's Day in Montreal

She realized, she continued, that she was “trying to use relationships to distract me to know myself.” But she could not walk on her own during the period of separation, she said. “I can try, but my house is not as big.”

So she learned to paint, became really intimate with her thoughts and spent more than a few days crying on the floor. Originally she read a lot of books, meditated a lot and brought a bit of positivity to her life, the advice she gave to fans earlier this month while collecting her MVP trophy when Rovers asked her to “talk about life Said, “Manifest your heart’s desires, question everything and spread love and positivity. “

Now, of course, as a joint goal the couple work out how they can swing their forever commitment into the off-season, leading to their most breaks between filming. “They can’t wait to get married,” the insider told E! News, “And they want it to happen soon.”

Seems a bit of a reveal – and perhaps a good wedding planner – is in order.

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