How Samsung TVs will take your at-home workouts to the next level in 2021

How Samsung TVs will take your at-home workouts to the next level in 2021

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To exercise in front of you TV During Universal epidemicThe A new feature on Samsung’s 2021 TV, announced before Wednesday CES, To help. Attach an optional webcam to the TV and an app on the screen will recognize that you’re working outside, track your progress and offer encouragement and coaching as soon as you burn calories.

The addition, which Samsung calls the Smart Trainer, is part of the Samsung health app that debuted on its TV in 2020, only this year it is expanding to offer guided in-person training. This requires an optional webcam, and Samsung has a list of recommended cameras from Logitech.

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The system uses a motion-recognition AI algorithm in the TV to identify and analyze your movements, positions, and forms on the camera. Based on this information, the Smart Trainer guides real-time rape counts, exercise time, estimated calorie burn, and accuracy. At the end of a workout it creates a run workout summary.

I tried the Smart Trainer in an early demo and despite my personal lack of fitness, it worked well. Once I fired up the app a small window popped up showing me on the screen, complete with an indicator showing where it stands. After taking each other to identify me, the workout began. I chose Jumping Jack and tried to follow the pace of the on-screen trainer, which immediately got me out of breath. I found out when I delivered an on-screen message, and I earned encouragement when hit at the right speed.


Your fearless writer gets a butt kicked by a smart trainer.

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The workout in the demo was done by fitness guru Jillian Michaels, who Samsung says is the first of six personal trainers to provide workout material for their TVs.

The Smart Trainer feature is available on 2021 Q70A TVs and above, including Newly QLED Model. Pricing and availability for the TV will be announced later.


Drew Evans / CNET

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