How one founder pivoted a startup designed for in-person interaction in light of the pandemic – ClearTips

When Ashley Sumner designed and launched the quilt, it was meant to be a response to digital social networking, which loved to create authentic in-person interactions between people who didn’t necessarily know each other before. The app would match members for personal interactions and informal visits in their homes – but when COVID-19 arrived, the fundamentals of the model clearly changed.

After first trying out a Zoom-powered virtual video meetup as an alternative, Quilt settled on creating an audio platform that provided real-time conversations focused on wellness. It may seem like it has a lot in common with the grains of other audio networking startups, but unlike the buzzier Clubhouse or many of its competitors, Quilt has created a very different kind of community to build with patience and intention.

Ashley talks to us this week about that big change, while also maintaining the core mission the quilt has focused on since its inception. She also tells us all about her vision of being a founder and a leader, which is both unique and refreshing.

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