How Nikki and Brie Bella’s Views on Working Out Have Changed

How Nikki and Brie Bella's Views on Working Out Have Changed

They are covering girls!

I! One particular peek in the news Nikki Bella And Brie BellaNew digital cover for SheKnows’ self-care issue (for today). Total belas The stars look gorgeous in their signature colors, Brie donning a simple black sweater and Nikki in a sleeveless red dress.

The twins pose above the headline, “Bree and Nikki Bella’s Newfound Superpower.”

Inside this issue, former WWE stars open up about how they have learned to slow down and start saying no to things in an effort to take better care of themselves.

Nikki, who welcomed her first child Matteo Chivvintsev With fiance Artem Chigwintsev Over the summer, it was also revealed that he has also learned the importance of taking time to reflect internally.

“Self-care for me is definitely mental and physical,” Nikki told Shenkovs. “I feel so mentally, when I am taken care of, my outsiders look amazing. So I am huge on meditation, I also have a life coach.”

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