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How Much Does Netflix Cost? A Breakdown of the Plans

Netflix is ​​the best on-demand streaming service out there, and it knows it. Therefore it charges more for its premium membership than its rivals. This is hardly a surprise, though: the best, largest, and most diverse selection of both licensed and original content is not the cheapest, keeping millions of customers worldwide in their hands.

So, how much does Netflix cost? Okay, it depends on what you really need. If you can with the most basic offer, you can hand over just $ 9 each month. However, if you find that you need a little more than what the Aadhaar plan offers, you can deposit $ 16 on top of your credit card debt month after month.

Streaming plan

Netflix has three different streaming plans: Basic, Standard and Premium. But what do each of those levels translate to in terms of on-demand content?

The actual catalog remains consistent across the board, with basic subscribers having the same content as the premium plan. Limitations come in the form of resolution – cannot flow above the original standard definition, while the standard is limited to full HD only. The most expensive option, Premium, can tap into content in 4K Ultra HD.

There is another notable difference between Basic, Standard and Premium: how many people can use the same account at once – starting at one user with the most economical option and topping four with priceless. This means that four friends and family members can all watch a show from anywhere in the world, on the same account.

Split the cost with four friends and it comes to only $ 4 per month.

Plan cost Screen count at a time oath
Basic $ 9 1 Sd
standard $ 13 2 HD
Premium $ 16 4 HD + Ultra HD

DVD and Blu-ray

Netflix remains true to its roots, continuing to roll out its DVD-by-mail rental service, which preceded the arrival of its streaming platform in 2010.

In February 2019, 2.7 million people were still using the company’s mail-in service, taking advantage of an almost limitless catalog of original and licensed digital content (or while) checking out DVDs and Blu-rays instead Were.

The standard tier price is $ 8 per month to access an unlimited amount of DVDs, or $ 10 per month with Blu-ray thrown into the mix, with rentals limited to only one disc at a time.

However, customers looking for an exciting night in front of the TV can upgrade to Premium, which costs $ 12 per month for DVDs or $ 15 per month to access Blu-rays, plus two discs at a time For option to borrow up to.

Plan DVD price Blu ray price
Per month discount
Number of disks at a time
standard $ 8 $ 10 Unlimited 1
Premium $ 12 $ 15 Unlimited 2

Which membership is the best?

The minimum plan suggested by us is either standard or premium. Although these options allow sharing or viewing across multiple screens, this is not a priority. Instead, the idea is to get a service level that accommodates Full HD – and not a basic subscription. If you go with a basic option, your viewing experience depends on standard definition (SD).

The only exception to this recommendation is if your Internet speed is too slow to handle HD streaming (check to see if that is the case here). Otherwise, the $ 4 jump from Basic to Standard is worth it.

High definition is not a top priority though. If you have opened out for a big amount for 4K TV, You can spend some extra dollars on the premium account. By doing so you will get admission 4K Ultra HD Content – like NBC Blacklist And acclaimed series Breaking bed. A premium account allows you to view content on a conceptual idea. Four times better than full hd (Because 4K Ultra HD screen has four times more pixels).

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