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How Lockdown Has Impacted Our Shopping Habits

Here’s all the brands and products we’ve been looking for in the last three months.

There is no denying that the COVID-19 epidemic has had an incredible impact on our lives, and the changes we are experiencing as a result have also had a huge impact on our spending. The online fashion aggregator list recently released its Q2 report, detailing the hottest brands over the past three months, as well as various trends in shopping habits during lockdown – and results in an interesting picture of our new “normal” Let’s portray. Here are the top six takeaways from the report:

1. A non-luxury brand took the top brand position for the first time in the report’s history

Nike has emerged victorious as the list reports, reaching the coveted number one spot on the round-up of ‘Hottest Brands’. This is the first time a non-luxury brand has taken the top spot since the report debuted, and a two-place increase for the sports giant. The report noted that Nike’s ascension “was driven by a 106 percent increase in demand for longwala and active clothing, as consumers demanded comfortable clothes to wear at home, as well as attire for exercise and outdoor activities.” ” It also had various online successes, including the Air Jordan X Dior sneaker raffle and its anti-racism video on Instagram, which garnered over five million likes.

2. Genderless products ruled in lockdown

The report described how Birkenstock’s Arizona sandals were the hottest shoes in the world in the last quarter. Item searches increased 225 percent during that time. A designer version of the slide by Bruno Cucinelli was also included in the men’s top 10 list. Unisex combat boots are also on the rise, thanks to Timothy Chalamet, Evan Mock and Soko all sport Alexander McQueen’s running slick boots.

3. Dresses designed for summer were too big

As we yearn for summer days, we begin our search for the ‘it’ dress of the season – and as it turns out, there is gravity for the two of us. Cult Gaia’s Serita cut-out dress came in at number five on the women’s hottest products list. In addition, H & M’s puff-sleeved, Fukia pink midi dress came in at number nine, which sold out just days after being released.

4. The basics are also important in the list of men’s and women’s hottest products

From Calvin Klein bralettes, padded shoulder tees, gold earrings and boxed shorts to Gucci baseball caps and Yeezy Cotton trousers, we’ve been craving the basics of good quality for the past few months. In fact, baseball cap searches rose 49 percent this quarter, with Gucci leading the pack, followed by Nike, Prada and Pam Angels.

5. Harry Styles is a very influential person

Previously it was a pearl necklace, and now it’s a chunky knit cardigan – Harry Styles is officially the world’s wardrobe muse. After wearing a JW Anderson, multi-colored knit cardigan in February, Stiles launched a viral Tickcock challenge in late June called the #HarryStylesCardigan challenge, which saw the piece go up 166%.

6. All our TV binge has affected our wardrobes

Like in Q1 when our Tiger king Passion inspired all of us to discover Annie Bing’s Tiger Sweatshirt, our TV bings have continued to affect our quarantine (and post-quarantine) wardrobes in a big way. Within days of release of last Dance On Netflix, searches for Nike Air Jordan sneakers increased by 36 percent, and the Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Flymanite Sneaker came in at number ninth on the men’s hottest products list. Sally Rooney normal people It was also a major influencer, as it pushed the men’s chain debacle into the limelight. The search for chains increased and searches for men’s jewelery increased by 75 percent overall during this period.

See full report here

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