How Kim and Kanye Are Ensuring Their Kids Aren’t Affected by Divorce

How Kim and Kanye Are Ensuring Their Kids Aren't Affected by Divorce

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West First having four children.

As the couple continue to work out the specifics of their divorce agreement, multiple sources confirm E! The news that the pair agreed to joint custody in hopes of keeping things relatively normal for the children.

“Kim feels it is important that the children have a relationship with their father and that is a big part of their life,” a source close to the reality star in particular explained to E! News. “For now, the children have mainly stayed with Kim and are staying at home. Any time Kanye wants to see them, he can. He’s not stopping her.”

The source added, “Kim is not sure what the future will be like, but he has made it clear to Kanye that he is welcome to spend time with her whenever he wants.”

A different insider echoed these sentiments and explained that both mom and dad are still very involved with all four children.

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