How John Stamos Feels About the Olsens Never Doing Fuller House

Why We're Still Obsessed With Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen a Decade Later

John Stamos Fatherhood, Baby Number 2 and Olsen Twins

If you want to get John stamosLatest thoughts on ‘ Mary-Kate And Ashley olsen Michelle never returned as Tanner Fuller House, Okay, now you get it, man.

During the 57-year-old actor’s appearance on Thursday, April 15 Watch what happens live, He was asked by a fan if he was surprised that the 34-year-old twin opted not to do cameos on the Netflix comedy series.

The host Andy cohen John later asks the question, “Were you surprised that Olsen never made an appearance on the show, or do you know when he said, ‘We’re not doing this,’ that they weren’t doing it?” “

“Yes, it was too much,” Scream queens Alum shared. “I mean, you know, we were disappointed, but we understood. I remember you.” Lullaby [Loughlin] Said to me, ‘They won two or three CFDAs [Fashion] Award. ‘It’s like winning two or three Oscars. If you won three Oscars, would you come back and do it? I was like, ‘Eh, maybe not.’

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