House Monster Trailer Traps a Young Actress in Self-Quarantine with a Creature from Hell

The world is slowly coming out of lockdown, house monster The latest horror thriller to draw inspiration from the real world events of the ongoing pandemic. Writer/director David X takes the ongoing isolation and fear that many have felt over the past year and throws it in a sinister twist. Today we have the first trailer house monster With a poster that warns, “It’s alive inside.”

The story centers around a struggling actress, as she is living alone in the wake of a global pandemic. But after a series of strange incidents around her house, her paranoia grows and she increasingly hopes that she is not alone. As the days go by, the demon within her house becomes bolder and more present, until the woman is forced to face her literal demon.

house monster The latest feature from budding indie film writer David X. Former military journalist turned graphic novel writer, producing his first feature film in 2017 theta girl. A grindhouse-style revenge thriller about a young woman who must track down her friend’s killers, uncovering a plot about a new drug named Theta in the process. Ax came out with another feature in 2019, Lection, a film about a local election in a post-apocalyptic society. Serving as a social commentary on the state of government with loose liberal themes.

Ax is all set to turn to social commentary again with his latest film which will be more in the vein of his second feature. house monster It would, it would seem, draw parallels with the ongoing conversation about mental health. The tagline “It’s in your house. It’s in your head” suggests that there may be more to the story than what’s on the surface. Recent horror hits like . Similar to Babadook and genetic, the film teases the idea that the quarantine blurs the lines of reality for the stranded protagonist and that he may have to face the demons in his head to drive away the demons in his home.

house monster poster

It is unclear at this stage whether the titular demon will be present or whether it will simply be a manifestation of the loneliness the protagonist is feeling. As the days progress, she intensifies and begins to lose her understanding of the concept of time, sinking deeper into her depression. haunted house Uses alienation and nihilism in the same way as popular horror classics such as talk In the past, to give a really chilling experience.

Claustrophobic Thriller. Will also adopt the latest incarnation of the famous found footage horror by paranormal activity Chain. Using modern tropes such as CCTV and webcam shots to create a pseudo-realism to the narrative in an effort to further immerse the audience. Viewers should now be familiar with the mandatory video chat with friends and relatives who have been in a similar situation for the past year. paranormal activity much like Blair Witch Project It horrified fans across the country before it really struck a chord. what house monster could have the same effect or simply follow such a formula would be another tremendous effort without unity, remains to be seen.

house monster Starring Mike Emson, Aaron Blomberg, Jennifer Hill and Josh Kern, Wild Eye is scheduled for digital and DVD release in North America on 7 September 2021 from Releasing.

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