Hong Kong Disneyland reopens for the third time: The latest on Disney’s global theme parks

Disney struggles with reopening global theme parks as Disneyland Paris remains closed
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Walt Disney World reopened in July 2020.


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Disney reopened Hong Kong Disneyland for the third time on Friday. Disney was forced to close its global theme parks indefinitely. Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 In early 2020, January of last year began with Hong Kong Disney and Shanghai Disneyland. Tokyo Disney Resort in late February, with Disneyland Paris, Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Disney World in Orlando, Florida Closing March 12.

Two of Disney’s resorts – Disneyland and Disneyland Paris – now remain closed. Here when those parks can reopen, and when Disney World, Tokyo Disney and Shanghai Disneyland reopen their gates.

Hong Kong Disneyland: Re-opened on 18 June-15 July and 25-December. 2; Reopened on 19 February

Hong Kong Disneyland reopened on 18 June 2020 with reduced capacity, better health measures and a new reservation system Resumed on July 15 after a spike in coronavirus cases In area. The theme park reopened on 25 September, but remained closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays and required advance online reservations.

Hong Kong Disneyland was forced to close on December 2 for the third time due to a resurgence in cases. “As required by the government and in line with preventive efforts occurring in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Disneyland Park is temporarily closed,” Park said. “We are in close contact with health officials and the government regarding the situation and will announce a reopening date once it becomes advisable.”

Disney Park has reopened Hong Kong Disneyland on February 19 for the third time to continue the celebration for the park’s 15th anniversary. Hong Kong Disneyland will be open five days a week, with the remainder closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To attend, you can make a reservation seven days prior to arrival – or nine days if you are a Magic Access Platinum member of the theme park. You have to go through a temperature check, wear a face mask and scan the “LiVhomSafe” QR code.

Disneyland: Once Orange County Reaches “Minimum” Cases

Disneyland Resort opened as a mass vaccine site In January. As soon as it could reopen as a theme park – California revealed guidelines to reopen its theme park on October 20, saying large parks such as Disneyland could open once they are in the county , With fewer than one new case of coronavirus per 100,000 people. , As well as less than 2% of the tests coming back positive.
As of February 2, 2021, it is sitting at 43.1 new cases per 100,000 people, with a 10.9% positive rate on test results. Once Disneyland reopens, the park capacity will be limited to 25% and reservations will be required.
You can read everything Disneyland is opening again here.

Disneyland Paris: Reopened July 15 – October. 29; Closed again until April 2, 2021

Both Disneyland Paris theme parks reopened on July 15, with greater emphasis on the reservation system, physical disturbances and cleanliness. But French parks closed again at the end of the day. In line with the new French guidance following another wave of COVID-19 cases nationwide on 29 October.

Disneyland Paris originally expected to reopen from January 19 to January 3 to celebrate the holiday, but in an Instagram post on November 25, Disneyland Paris confirmed it would remain closed through the holidays. The next plan was to reopen on 13 February, but has now been extended to 2 April.

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Disney World: Reopened on July 11

Disney Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom reopened on 11 July, with Epcot and Hollywood Studios on 15 July. Orlando Disney Park has social differences and welfare measures, Temperature screening, including masks, a reservation system to keep guests at a distance of six feet while lining for attractions and limiting capacity. Fireworks have been suspended. Disney World Resorts and Hotels began reopening in late June.

Disney Springs shopping and dining area reopened May 20 with limited parking, low penetration prior to entry, temperature check, required masks, physically deformed lines and barriers, fewer hours, no entertainment and more hygiene and disinfectants. Disney-owned stores and restaurants in Disney Springs reopen from May 27.

Worldwide fireworks

Disney World’s fireworks show continues, although it is planned for July 11 at Magic Kingdom


Tokyo Disney Resort: Reopened on 1 July

Disney Parks announced on June 23 that it would open Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyasia on 1 July.

Tokyo Disney Resort said on June 4 that an opening date would be set for the Tokyo Disneyland major expansion area, once the two parks reopened, the situation could be anticipated. “The extensive expansion – which includes an aesthetic and animal-themed area and one. Baymax ride – was originally opened on April 15, 2020.

Disneyland Shanghai: Reopened on 11 May

On May 5, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that The Shanghai Park will re-open on Monday, May 11. this is Limit on appearance, A reservation system to gain entry into the park, an entry control system, social distance requirements, riding, masks, temperature screening, contact tracing and health procedures required by the government while taping is done while keeping guests away in lines. It increased the park’s capacity from 30% to 50% on 24 August, and also restarted its fireworks show.

Shanghai began opening restaurants and stores on March 9 at Disneytown, Wising Star Park and Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, where all guests undergo a temperature check, introducing a green Shanghai QR Health Code on the dining venue, wearing masks continuously and ” Maintaining respectable social “distances at all times. ”

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