Hollywood Rewind | The Godfather Part II: A sequel like no other

“Oh, Michael. Michael, you are blind. This was not an abortion. It was an abortion. Abortion, Michael. Like our marriage is an abortion. Something that is unholy and evil. I do not want your son, Michael! I will not bring one of your sons into this world. And I killed it because it should all end! “Says Diane Keaton’s Kay Adams, one of the most eerie moments of Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Part II.” Here is the first line that Kay speaks in complete despair and calm anger, “Michael, you are blind.” The irony here is strong. Don Michael Corleone (cleverly played by the incomparable Al Pacino) is anything but blind. He is a cautious, aggressive man who is devastated when he loses his cool. And in the sequence when she is informed by her wife that her child has been miscarried, she is seduced. His eyes pop out of his pocket, his frame silently suppressed in anger. Michael Corleone cannot believe what he is listening to, is a fool and is ‘betrayed’ by his own wife. It is a shame for his ‘hyper-masculinity’ and intelligence.

The 1974 film is made up of many such great and minor parts. As one of the benchmarks of Western cinema, particularly in the crime genre, The Godfather II is often referred to as a better film than its predecessor, The Godfather, a masterpiece in itself. What makes this sequel-prequel even more interesting than its predecessor is its treatment of its root, familiar narrative. We already knew about the Corleone family and the new dynamics since the death of Vito Corleone (essayed by Marlon Brando). So which novel can the filmmaker now consider? It was a challenge, and directors often and unfortunately, fail to rise to the occasion. However, Francis Ford Coppola belongs to a different ilke. At the time, he already had Paramount Pictures and producers that caught his attention, which gave him a great amount of money to take on the project and brainstorm. And what work did he do! Not only was The Godfather II able to match the cinematic style and wit of the first film, but also managed to push it forward in a few scenes.

Take the young Vito Corleone angle, for example. Choice Rising Star ‘Robert De Niro’s choice to make non-linear fiction at the time of releasing The Godfather II, spending so much money on its production and once again making a 200-minute film – these were all risks that Pretty paid to. Here is an interesting general knowledge about De Niro and the efforts he has made to pull off a young veto aka Brando. According to IMDB, the Oscar-winning star spent four months learning the Sicilian dialect. The devoted actor spent a few months living in the village, trying to mold himself into his surroundings. Interestingly, De Niro was selected for a role in the first part of the franchise, which he then declined. Of course, the actor was seen in films before The Godfather II, but it was his unprecedented success that inspired him to star in acclaimed films such as Taxi Driver, Deer Hunter and Raging Bull.

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Talking about his experience working in the film, Robert De Niro told CNN that he had taken on the role of The Godfather II as an ‘experiment’, but the actor also realized that the film was a big grosser Can do. “Godfather II was the first film I remember (from my filmography), it was like a big blockbuster. Then came other films. It could be wrong, like some of Spielberg’s films and so on, but when (The Godfather II) came, I said that there might be a good chance that it would succeed.

The Godfather Part II is picked up by a well-woven screenplay, engaging performances and superb cinematography. Every movement, every expression is filmed with precision. The camera was particularly in love with El Pacino’s eyes. Michael Corlon, an otherwise quiet and cold man, spoke volumes through his keen eyes and the sentiment was captured by cinematographer Gordon Willis. And a special outcry for Diane Keaton to make her presence felt in a tremendous male-dominated storyline, albeit with less screen time.

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