Hiro Capital puts $2.3M into team sports tracking platform PlayerData — as does Sir Terry Leahy – TechCrunch

Hiro Capital is slowly earning a name as an investor in the field, better known as DSport for ‘digital sports’ or shorts. It is now leading a $ 2.3m funding round at PlayerData. While the round may seem small, the area it is going into is large and growing. Also investing in the round is Sir Terry Leahy, formerly CEO of British retailer Tesco.

Edinburgh, UK-based PlayerData uses wearable technology and software tracking to respond to grass-roots and professional sports teams on their training. For example, it may allow coaches to retrieve key moments from a game, even modeling different outcomes depending on the player’s position.

It is Hiro Capital’s 4th DSport and ‘Connected Fitness’ investment, and connects to Zwift, FitXR and NURVV. Hiro has invested in eight game startups in the UK, USA and Europe, as a legacy of cofounder and partner Ian Livingstone, OBE, CBE, publisher of Tomb Raider, former president of Edo plc and all-round gaming pioneer.

PlayerData says it has captured more than 10,000 team seasons in UK football and rugby and has played more than 50 million meters of the game. It also has strong network effects, it says. Each time a new team uses PlayerTata’s platform, it creates 5 more clubs as users.

Roy Hotrabhvanon is the cofounder and CEO of PlayerData, and a former international level archer. He is joined by Hayden Ball, cofounder and CTO, a firmware and cloud infrastructure specialist.

In a statement, Hotrabhvanon said: “Our goal is to bring accurate data and insights to clubs in team sports, which will help them build their games, improve player performance and avoid injury … Our final The goal is to implement state-of-the-art conflicts. Leading the waiterbels as applicable to any team in any team at any level. “

Cheri Freeman, co-founding partner, Hiro, says: “PlayerData ticks all of our major boxes: a giant TAM with grass-roots clubs of over 3 meters; A deep moat built on shared player data, machine learning, and highly actionable forecasting algorithms; Compelling customer network effects; And really impressive is the humble founding team. “

PlayerData News is part of a broader growth in digital games, including breakout names such as Peloton, Tonal, Mirror as well as Hiro’s portfolio investment, Jewft. With the epidemic emphasizing both home workouts and general health, the fascination with digital measurement of performance has now led to a growing hold on the sector.

Speaking to ClearTips, Freeman said: “We think the 3 million teams are something that are potential customers for PlayerData. Obviously the number of runners is huge, and they only get a small slice of that market Needed to have a very, very big business. At the end of the day, everyone works out, even if you just go for a walk, so the target market is huge and they started with running but their technique was not in other sports. Is applicable to the whole region. “

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