Hilary Duff Says She Got Eye Infection From Taking Coronavirus Tests

Pregnant Hilary Duff Reveals She Was ''Exposed'' to Coronavirus

Hilary Duff is pregnant! Expecting baby number 2 with Matthew Coma

Hilary Duff Recently a final reminder of the madness that we all endured in 2020.

The pregnant star shared a gaggle of photos on Instagram on Monday. Her family celebrated on 4 January together on holidays. Apart from husband’s cute pics Matthew coma Dressed up as Santa Claus, Hillary posted a shot of herself smiling while holding the young niece fall on.

As the 33-year-old “less clean” artist explained, she was not as happy as she might seem.

“So my eye started to look weird ….. and hurt …. enough happened,” Hillary shared. “Soo …. made a short trip to the emergency room. I had an eye infection from all the COVID tests at work …. you know, 2020 and all.”

what to say? Eye infections have not been reported by the CDC and other public health experts as a common side effect of coronovirus testing, so it is a little unclear whether this could be the cause of his discomfort. Fortunately, the Maldives is now behind him.

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