Here’s Why Some What If…? Characters Don’t Look Like Their MCU Actors

Miracle what if…? It’s a peculiarity when you see it on the surface. Some characters in the animated show are voiced by the same actors who appear in the live action MCU movies and shows, some are voiced by new actors who look like their live action counterparts and then there are some who look like completely different characters. So what causes such a difference in the appearance of well-known Marvel characters? Well, it essentially comes down to the story of the “legal stuff”.

in four episodes of what if…? We’ve seen animated versions of some of Marvel’s greatest heroes in new scenarios, but if you look at the likes of Doctor Strange and Steve Rogers, they both resemble actors who played characters on screen, even though Rogers were voiced by Josh Keaton and not by Chris Evans. If you take Black Widow as an example, she appears on the screen what if…? Doesn’t look like Scarlett Johansson or Lake Bell, who actually voices the animated version of the killer.

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Production designer Paul Lassain spoke at the show about how he and his team attempted to create what if…? The characters look like what people would expect right up to the point they were told otherwise by Disney lawyers.

“I can lie and tell you that stuff is on purpose, or I can tell you the truth and tell you that usually those things are legal issues,” Lassen said. “There are characters that we are allowed to take their likeness for, because it’s not just the likeness of a character. It’s an actor, it’s the likeness of a human being, and there are legalities. I don’t even know how far the series goes. ‘ Some, we were told, ‘You need to make them look more similar.'”

The designer praised character designer Ryan Meandering, who was responsible for creating not only her look what if…? characters but were also responsible for the live action versions we know and love.

“I mean, if we wanted to, we could make them look exactly like these characters,” Lassen said. “I mean, Ryan Meinerding is our character designer. He designed most of the MCU characters to start with either way. So there is not a single person on the planet who can strike these similarities better than that person. And if nothing looks like him, it’s because he was told not to. And that’s usually the reason, because we’re not allowed to.”

whereas Marvel what if…? In what seems like a minor flight of imagination compared to other Marvel properties, there have been several indications that the series may not be separated. MCUSeems like the main story of the series, especially with the multiverse possibilities now coming into play. The first four episodes are now available on Disney+, with new episodes released every week.

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