Here’s Why Meghan Markle is Moderating an Interview This Week

Photo by Sameer Hussain / WireImage

Tune August 14 at 4.30 pm EST.

With respect to women’s voting rights and milestones in the United States in 2020, there is still work left to do in acknowledgment – the non-profit Newsroom 19th * this week hosted a virtual summit An interview with Meghan Markle, who will close it.

In this case, however, the Duchess of Sussex would be the one to ask the question. On August 14, he will interview Emily Ramshaw, CEO and CEO of the news platform (named for the 19th Amendment, which grants suffrage to American women), which focuses on the intersection of gender and politics.

The Duchess said in a statement for Glamor, “The commitment to reporting and telling a story, which enhances the lives of those who are often much less in the media, is never more important.” “I am asking the cofounder what it means to have a media outlet with gender equity, diversity and community at its core.”

Ramshava says that it was the Duchess who first came to him to discuss the partnership after learning about the 19th mission. “She told us that our vision for the 19th – the creation of a truly diverse and representative newsroom, which immediately covered women with them.”

This is the second summit in which the Duchess will participate this summer, the Girl Up Global Leadership Summit last month. This latest summit, titled 19th The Representatives, today features a series of live-streamed conversations between prominent women in politics and civics, journalism and the arts. Participants in the event include Senators Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, Madam Gandhi, Joe Saldana and Meryl Streep.

The 19th * Representation is free to attend with online registration, and the session, led by Meghan Markle, will stream on Friday, August 14 at approximately 4.30pm EST.

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