Here’s What Meghan Markle Talked to Gloria Steinem About

Photo by Matt Sayles. Copyright Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

100 years after the passage of the 19th Amendment, both did feminism, voting rights, and more.

Today, 100 years later, women were given the right to vote in the United States with the 19th Amendment, and to honor the historic milestone, women’s empowerment organization Makers invited two trailblazing women to sit in on the conversation : Meghan Markle and Glenn Steenum.

Filhaal, with six feet between them, Markle and Steenum held detailed talks about women’s rights, voter suppression, feminism and more. Of course the two discussed Kamala Harris, who recently made history as the first woman of color to run on the presidential ticket of a major party. “It’s exciting,” said Stinem, also in a spirit by Markle.

“I am very excited to see that kind of representation. You know, for me, being a giraffe, growing up, whether it was a doll or a person in the office, you need to see someone who looks like you in some capacity. As many of us believe, you can only be what you can see. And in the absence of that, how can you aspire for more than what you see in your world? “

The likes of the Duke and Duchess withdrew from royal life and gave Markle a chance to speak about issues close to her heart. Over the past few months, she has made several speeches about racial justice, women’s equality, and her decision to vote in the upcoming US election.

“If you don’t vote then you don’t exist,” Stinem said. “This is the only place where we are all the same: in a polling station.”

Both recognized the importance of not only women but also men as feminists. “Like my husband,” Markle said. “I love that when he got on the bus he said, ‘You know I’m a feminist too, right Gloria ?! It’s really important to me that you know it.'” There is no shame in advocating, which of course includes women. ”

Read the full conversation between Meghan Markle and Gloria Stenham here.

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