Here’s the First Look at Netflix’s Stylish New Show, Emily in Paris

Image courtesy netflix

Starring Lily Collins, the show is produced by Darren Starr, the man behind it shows such as Sex and the City and Younger.

Taking the classic “American in Paris” trope and giving it a high fashion spin is Lily Collins’ upcoming Netflix show. Emily in paris. The 10-episode series does not drop until October 2, but the recently released trailer is giving us plenty to look forward to.

Created by Darren Starr (who has already shown us women like living-their-best lives) tiny And sex and the City), The series features Collins as Emily, an aspiring young marketing executive from Chicago whose company acquires a French luxury marketing company and relocates to Paris. Her new life in Paris, according to the show notes, is “full of drunken adventures and surprising challenges as she wins over her work colleagues, makes friends, and navigates new romances.”

Speaking with Variety Last year, The Star reported that Emily would appear in France as an American expatriate. She is not “fully embraced by the French” – she is an American girl who comes to France and does not speak to any French, she has an opinion on how to do things, but finds out That the ‘American way is not the best’ isn’t always right and she makes a lot of Fox paces. “

Along with veteran costume designer Patricia Field, the show is guaranteed some trick chic fashion moments – tailored tailored blazers, flirty dresses, vibrant coats and of course, lots of berths. Take a look at some of the stylish outfits in the trailer below, and see Emily in paris When it airs on Netflix on 2 October.

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