Here are the robots taking the virtual stage at CES 2021

Here are the robots taking the virtual stage at CES 2021


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Yukai engineering

This is part of the story CES, Where our editors will bring you the hottest news and latest virtual CES 2021 hottest gadgets.

This year’s all-digital CES is going to be a tough one for everyone involved, but if you are a robot it can be even harder.

Robots can reduce people’s interest through the written word or video, but there is nothing like showing people what you can actually do in person to make a good impression. And the robots you find at CES never fail to impress.

I’ve been thrilled with robots ever since I was a little girl, and if I could go back and tell my younger self about the conversations I’ve had with the robot on the Las Vegas show floor over the years If they are, those stories will blow my little mind. I’ve played Ping pong And Cards Against Humanity With Robot, I’ve been Served pizza one by one., And last year at CES I met a Snoring labrador puppy The robot that was so realistic, I liked taking it home and I liked it my cat.

CES 2021 will be very different from previous years. With the opportunity to meet audiences on the show floor due to the show being staged as a virtual event only, all those robots are ready to show the world what they can do online. This does not mean that we are any less excited to learn about them all – but this results from the fact that you are watching your movements through a zoom feed on the monitor.

Here we have to look forward (keep checking back for new additions):

Robots to keep us safe

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that cleanliness and hygiene are important to keep people safe. It also showed us that there can be jobs that are better entrusted to technology to help keep humans safe.

With the COVID-19 epidemic still raging around the world, it is no surprise that many companies at CES this year are planning to show robots that can clean surfaces.

One such droid is Coro-Bot, an “antivirus disinfection robot” manufactured by Hills Engineering, South Korea. The robot has autonomous driving capabilities, allowing it to roam freely in the environment. It uses its flexible weapons to identify areas in need of cleaning, and sterilizes them using ultraviolet. It also has an air circulator that says it kills airborne coronaviruses and other viruses remotely using an inactive ceramic filter. It is easy to visualize robots used in hospitals and other environments, in which it is necessary to ensure that there is no sign of coronovirus.


LG’s UV robot.


LG is working on a similar robot that it plans to unveil at CES, which radiates ultraviolet light to disinfect high-touch, high-traffic areas. Again, the robot can move autonomously, navigating around the furniture to clean the entirety of a room. It is designed for hospitality, education, corporate, retail and restaurant locations, as well as transportation

“Whether it is hotel guests, students in classrooms or patrons of restaurants and other businesses, they can assure that the LG Autonomous UV robot will help reduce exposure to harmful bacteria and germs,” ​​Michael Kosala, Vice President of LG Business Solutions USA said in a statement.

Like LG, UBTech is a company that showcases new robots for CES every year, and it will bring its own sanitizing robot to this year’s show. The Adibot robot system includes two robots – the larger Adibot-A and the smaller mobile Adibot-S – both of which use from UV to disinfected surfaces. UBTech has already announced pricing for the two cords, which cost $ 40,000 and $ 20,000 respectively.

Robots to entertain and educate

If you’re keeping an eye on the world of robotics, you’ve probably spied Moxie over the past year. This friendly-faced teal robot, created by startup Embodid, was recently announced as one of the best inventions of the 2020 time. Plus, it was listed as the CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoré.

This companion robot helps children build social, emotional, and cognitive skills through everyday game-based learning and delivery of educational materials. Better still, it is built with input from teachers and child development experts, and has emerged about taking safety extremely seriously. If you are struggling for schooling with very few people this year, moxie may be the only thing you are looking to lend a hand to.

Moxie Home-School Helper Robot

Moxie is hoping for you home-school assistant.

Contiguous inc.

From Japan, Youkai Engineering always brings fun to CES with its beloved domestic robot – one of which is famously a pillow with a robot tail. On the show this year, the company is introducing Petit Kubo, a similar but smaller sibling with its very funny animated fusion, with its updated version Boko amo Emotional house companion robot.

Also there will be a pawn industry present from Japan, and we have high hopes that the company will use the opportunity to bring its adorable AI robot Moflin to the world.

Like a small gray guinea pig, this is the closest thing we’ve seen to a robot that seems appropriate for any newborn or older person (it’s moving with some really soft-looking floofs). Each moflin develops an individual personality over time and can express emotion through movement and sound. This is a robot that we are sad to not actually meet in person.


See Mufflin.

Pawn industry

Robots that extract manuals from manual labor

One of the biggest names in agriculture, John Deere has made a big presence at CES in recent years by bringing its iconic and eye catching green machinery to the show floor. This year, the company has been awarded the CES Innovation Award for the robotic capabilities of its X Series Alliance Harvester. With cameras that allow farmers to see directly inside grain tanks, computer vision, autonomous driving capabilities, and in-field machine-to-machine communication, the X Series must be among the largest robots to ever win the award . The company is already offering Journalists choose its virtual experience of CES goods.


Imagine trying to get one of these at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

John deere

Another robot designed to support outside workers is Daesung’s hive controller. This robot is about extracting honey, removing the bee hive – a process usually performed by about two to five skilled individuals a minute. With the risk and honey of bees achieving superfood status, any robot that helps develop the honey industry is going to be well received by us.

The hive controller makes honey much faster and easier.


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