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In order to be successful, every startup needs to find and retain more users, but every year our focus gets less and less. Eventually, your company will be hiring someone who is up to speed with the latest problems and solutions in development.

In the meantime, ClearTips is here to help.

We’re asking the founders to share a brief recommendation for the talented growth marketers who have made a difference for them. We will use your feedback to showcase the best development experts to our audience through our articles, events and soon, a free database catalogue.

Whether you’ve worked with a great person or agency, we want to know who helped you find the best solutions in SEO, social media, content marketing, analytics and other development systems.

There are a million marketers out there, most of whom have never worked with a serious startup before. The types of people we want to spotlight will be proven experts in using product management, engineering, data and marketing techniques, especially for ambitious companies like yours.

If you are a growth marketer, we encourage you to share this survey with your customers (but strongly discourage self-recommendations).

Founders and other startup leaders, please fill out this nomination form, and be on the lookout for more from top marketers over the next few weeks (along with a few more). If you filled out our email marketing survey a few weeks ago, thank you! We are already working on your answers as part of this project.

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