Hear how to raise big funding (and use it well) from FirstMark’s Rick Heitzmann and Orchard’s Court Cunningham – ClearTips

Hear how to raise big funding (and use it well) from FirstMark’s Rick Heitzmann and Orchard’s Court Cunningham – TechCrunch

Orchard, founded in 2017, was relatively early for the proctec industry. The company, originally called Perch, focused on dual trackers, who are people who together buy and sell a house. FirstMark Capital led both the Series A and Series B funding rounds for Orchard, which doubled on the real estate platform.

It goes without saying, we are thrilled to join Rick Mertzman, managing partner of First Merck Capital and Court Cunningham, CEO of Orchard. The event keeps on happening May 5 at 3 pm ET / noon PT. register here.

Orchard has raised over $ 350 million, including $ 200 million + debt financing. It also offers title and mortgage services, with a full-fledged brokerage company tracking dual buyers and sellers. But the most interesting thing about the vertically integrated company is the innovation it is doing around the consumer experience. Namely, Orchard is taking an entirely new approach to home exploration, which has remained incredibly stable despite major technology players hastening to digitize the process.

Orchard allows consumers to receive ML-driven recommendations based on the homes they have already liked, and search by different rooms in the home. For example, perhaps the backyard or kitchen is the most important part of the house – Orchard lets you view that picture by default when creating a browsing list.

Meanwhile, Rick Hetzman founded FirstMark Capital in 2008. He led investments in Pinterest, Airbnb, StubHub, Tapad, DraftKings, Riot Games, Ro, Discord, Carta and many more.

At Xtra Crunch Live, we’ll talk more about what Hetzman is looking for a founder, what he sees in the future of Cunningham and PropTech, why Cunningham chose FirstMark and even Orchard’s early pitch deck Should also walk through.

We will also look at the pitch deck presented by the audience, you will get a chance to hear directly from a founder and investor about how they consume the funding deck, what works and what does not. If you want to portray your deck in future episodes of ECL, hit this link.

It is going to be a blast.

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