HBO Max Is Already Losing a Bunch of DC Movies

One of HBO Max’s big appeals, it seemed that ahead of its launch last month, it would be a hub for DC content. While the streaming service launched with a selection of DC movies and TV shows, a large portion of them are already going to happen next month. Most of the service’s live-action DC movies will be gone, at least for now.

More recently, HBO listed its “Last Chance” title which is scheduled to depart service on 1 July. Among them are Justice League. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Amazing woman, Suicide squad, Batman, Batman returns, Batman forever, Batman and Robin, Catwoman, Jonah Hex And the losers. When each of these titles is selected on HBO Max, there is also a message that says “Available until July 1.” Given that titles regularly move in and out of rotation on streaming services, it seems likely that they will return at some point. But, for now at least, this is a major setback.

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Aquaman, Green lantern, Joker, Shazam, Steel And Great girl Still available on the live-action side of things. Although, in terms of perceived quality, it is a mixed mixed bag. HBO Max also has a selection of animated DC movies, such as Beyond Batman: Return of the Joker, The Dark Knight Returns, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract And animated 2009 Amazing woman Movies. Lego batman movie Currently available, but also scheduled to drop on 1 July. Several live-action DC shows are also available to subscribers, including Doom patrol, Batwoman And Janitor.

Most of this has to do with the licensing deals already in place. Disney had to deal with deals similar to those made with Netflix and cable networks to get back their marquee content for Disney +. Warbomedia, the parent company behind HBO Max, has had deals before it intends to launch a new service. For example, many of ArrowVerse show that airs on Netflix as part of a deal on the CW stream that was made several years ago. That’s why Flash, arrow And other DC adaptations of the network are not available.

The DC segment of HBO Max, which was seen as one of the most potentially lucrative hubs on the streaming service, already seemed very bare bones. With the dropping of these films, it will become even more weak. Undoubtedly, WarnerMedia will, in the long run, receive as much DC content as possible under one roof. They are currently working on some high-profile exclusions in that department, notably Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Aka The Snyder Cut. a Green lantern Tv show and a Justice League Dark Producing the series J.J. Abrams is also coming down the pipeline. To stream these movies before they are no longer available, go to HBO Max.

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