Harvey Weinstein Survivors Awarded $19 Million in Settlement

Harvey Weinstein Survivors Awarded $19 Million in Settlement

Update: In a New York State statement, it was announced that women who experienced hostile work environments, sexual harassment, and gender-based discrimination, while women working at the Weinstein Company or women experiencing sexual abuse Harvey weinstein A judge is entitled to receive approval pending approval. The amount these individuals receive will come from the $ 18,875,000 Victims Compensation Fund.

Additionally, according to the agreement negotiated by the NY Attorney General Letitia James, Anyone who previously signed a non-disclosure agreement related to any sexual misconduct committed by Harvey Winstein, is hereby released from the alleged contract.


A temporary deal has been entered into a civil case against Harvey weinstein, To new York Times Report.

Back in 2017, the filmmaker was accused of nearly 30 years of sexual misconduct, a claim that he continued to deny. On Wednesday, Weinstein appeared in a New York City court room, through a walker, to hear his criminal sexual assault case. After appearing in his court on Wednesday, A. NYT In the report, citing the lawyers involved in the conversation, it was said that a temporary deal was struck between his former film company Weinstein and his accused.

Reportedly, it is a $ 25 million settlement “with dozens of victims of their alleged sexual misconduct”. In the terms of the deal, Weinstein would not have to admit that he had done anything wrong or not paid the money himself. Instead payments will be made by insurance companies that represent the Weinstein Company filed for bankruptcy in 2018.

The settlement still requires final registration and court approval, but reportedly got “preliminary approval”.

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