Harry and Meghan Just Hosted a Virtual Chat About Using Digital Media for Good

Image courtesy Queen’s Common Faith

Prince Harry said, “Social media can help improve and connect individuals and groups and focus on those things and the things that divide us.”

During the last several months of the epidemic, we are all going online more than ever. Acknowledging the power and importance of digital platforms in creating a sense of community, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sat down to virtually chat with the young leaders of Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, who have all organizations working together for positive change in digital and There is a focus on using social media.

“There’s a lot of negativity, there’s a lot of noise,” Prince Harry said. “Experts have described it as a‘ meditation economy ’, which is basically a screaming match benefiting the wrong people. But social media can help improve and connect individuals and groups, and focus on the things that bind us rather than divide us. “

The four founders he spoke to during the virtual chat are Rosie Thomas, co-founder of Project Rockit in Australia, a youth-driven movement against cyber-bullying; Brighton Coma, founder of Change Foundation’s agents in Zambia, a foundation of young radio journalists committed to factual storytelling; Hunter Johnson, founder of The Man Cave in Australia, an organization committed to promoting healthy masculinity, respectful relationships and gender equality; And Vee Kativhu, the founder of Empowered by Vee, an annual academic conference empowering students through mentoring and access to opportunities in the UK.

“We believe in a world where kindness and respect thrive on bullying, hatred and prejudice, and every youth is free to realize his potential,” said Thomas, whose sentiments were expressed by both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Used to echo. During a 30-minute conversation, Harry and Meghan spoke with young leaders about the power of social media in promoting the community, the importance of secure online spaces, and the tools needed to build a more empowered digital world.

“We all collectively have to make the world a better place and we are,” Harry said with Meghan, “You can train people to be cruel or you can train people to be kind. ”

In a speech last month, the Duchess pleaded online for more kindness, stating, “You understand that we have the power to harm and support our online world.” But we are not meant to break each other up; We are meant to build each other. So use your voice and do just that for both offline – build each other, support each other. “

See full conversation below:

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