‘Happy to see Aryan Khan and Jahnavi at auctions’: Juhi Chawla welcomes ‘KKR kids’ to IPL Auctions 2021

Kolkata Knight Riders co-owner Shah Rukh Khan may have missed the action in the Indian Premier League 2021 auction on Thursday, but his son Aryan Khan was more prepared for his absence. Aryan was seen sitting next to actress Juhi Chawla’s husband Jai Mehta, marking her first appearance at the auction table. Juhi and Jai’s daughter Jahnavi Mehta was also present at the auction table.

A parent and entrepreneur, Juhi Chawla was taken to Twitter, where she sat down with Aryan and Jahnavi along with other members of his franchise’s management team and shared a shared picture. Sharing a picture of her young brigade, Juhi wrote, “KKR’s children are very happy to see both Aryan and Jahnavi at the auction table ..”

For this year’s IPL auction, SRK and Juhi took a backseat. Both Aryan and Jahnavi were seen involved in the auction proceedings as Jahnavi became the youngest bidding player in the history of IPL.

The way Juhi has shared this image, social media went into a frenzy by seeing Aryan Khan like a young SRK and sharing the same manner as his famous father.

Many Twitter users started pointing out the striking similarity between father and son. After the photo of Aryan drinking coffee and flapping her hair went viral, fans started asking, “Are you sure it’s Aryan and not @iamsrk?”

Many also wrote, “It’s time to hand over the charge to the new generation, both looking great!” One user wrote; Another wrote, “There is one more hit pair in pairing on the cricket board”.

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