Happy birthday Ajith: Seven facts that explain Valimai star’s ever-growing popularity

Tamil star ‘Thala’ Ajith turns a year old today. But, he is not celebrating his 50th birthday by starting promotions for his upcoming films as he usually does. He feels that given the scale of the tragedy happening every minute in the country, it was not the right time to publicly celebrate his birthday in any way. Producer Boney Kapoor had earlier announced that he would unveil Ajith’s first look from Valimai on the actor’s birthday. However, the filmmakers postponed it as a sign of respect to the millions who are affected by the epidemic. It was a decent thing. And Ajit has also written the verdict.

Ajith had his share in hits and flop films, but he never fell short of Grace even during his attempts. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why his box office failure never affected his popularity among fans and celebrities.

Here are seven interesting facts that explain why Ajit enjoys so much unconditional love and respect among the public and celebrities.

Ajit’s family:

Born to a Bengali mother in Hyderabad, Ajit struggled to speak in Tamil early in his career. A middle child, Ajit’s elder brother Anoop Kumar is a stockbroker in New York, and his younger brother Anil Kumar, an IIT Madras graduate, is based in Seattle. He had twin sisters, who were young. His foundation Mohini-Mani Foundation, named after his parents, works in urban areas, promoting self-hygiene and civic consciousness.

Ajit married his co-star:

Thala Ajith began to date his Amarkalam co-star Shalini in 1999, and their relationship then became the main focus of the media gossip. Ajit proposed to Shalini in the same year and the two got married in 2000 with the blessings of their family. Ajit and Shalini have two children, a daughter Anushka and a son, Adivika. And to this day, they remain an exemplary star couple.

Ajit and Shalini in a film Still Ajith and Shalini from their film Amarkalam.

Ajith is in the fray:

Ajith is very down to earth. He goes the extra mile to ensure that he does not throw his privileges on people’s faces. He expects people to return the favor by not making a big fuss about their star status. You can see him doing all the things a star of his stature wouldn’t normally do. Such as riding an auto-rickshaw in Chennai, or not jumping queues, or roadside eaters, or helping college students on projects with their engineering skills or participating in their children’s school tasks.

A racecar driver

Ajit seems to have had more passion for being a racecar driver than being an actor. She began her modeling career so that she could support her training to become a professional car racer. Even after making his debut as the lead actor with Amravati in 1993, he continued to pursue his interest in auto racing. However, after Ajit suffered a serious back injury, he started doing more films. He has competed in circuits in Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. He has also participated in international races. The actor has raced in the 2003 Formula Asia BMW Championship, the 2010 Formula 2 Championship and other prestigious championships.

Ajit Ajith will next be seen in Valimai. (Express Archive photo)

Ajith is extremely media shy:

There are some superstars who are unable to show their films at promotional events and still make a big debut for their films. One is Rajinikanth, and the other is Ajit. While fans get to see Rajinikanth once on television or in a film program, Ajith is notorious for avoiding public uproar. Ajith’s elusive only adds more layers to his growing popularity. The only place for his fans around the world to see him is on the big screen, and that’s probably why his films record mass openings.

Ajit is blunt:

In Tamil Nadu, the connection between the film industry and politics is deep, ever since MG Ramachandran showed the world that film actors can be great politicians. Many Tamil actors have become successful political leaders, and many actors actively participate in the politics of the state. But, Ajit wants to stay away from it. He is possibly the first actor to speak out against political pressure on actors to attend events organized by political organizations. He made a speech in front of the then Chief Minister Karunanidhi at a DMK ceremony, requesting to see that actors should not be forced to do anything, and it received a standing ovation from superstar Rajinikanth.

The first Tamil actor to disband fan clubs:

Ajit is never hesitant to call him a hoe. When he finds out that some of his fans are misusing his name to raise club funds, he issues a warning letter to his undocumented fans. When things did not get better, in 2011, on his 40th birthday, he decided to dissolve all his fan clubs. While many business analysts said it was a wrong move from a career point of view, they did what they thought was right at the time. But, that never stopped his fans from watching his movies in theaters in the early days. And this is the true sign of a superstar.

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