Hannah Bronfman’s CBD Bath Bomb Will Totally Help You Chill Out

Hannah Bronfman’s CBD Bath Bomb Will Totally Help You Chill Out

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It is safe to say that we can use a little more Zen now. Lucky for us, health and wellness guru Hannah Bronfman Is on the case! She just dropped her collab with premium CBD brand Highline Wellness, featuring an all-natural CBD bath bomb to help you achieve extreme relaxation.

“I’ve been working on releasing the CBD bath bomb for about three years now,” shares Brounfman. “It felt right to partner with Highline Wellness, the top of the line for CBD. To bring it to life. Not only is it made with the highest quality CBD, but also natural ingredients such as calendula and rose. Are very good for you. Your skin. “

Bronfman aimed to create the exact same bath bomb he always wanted, but could never find: something that was all-natural, skin-supporting, and silky smooth, but after the bathing time ended No guns were left in the tub. The result is stress, tension and fatigue, anti-inflammatory frankincense, rose powder, a premium bomb made with 20 active ingredients in the form of natural powders to improve skin condition, and of course, CBD, which helps with common skin issues. Gets rid of. Enhancing nutrients. Also, it improves sleep and supports gentle detox, which can be a large part of effective self-care.

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