Hair Care Ideas and Waxing Near Me Tips

Hair Care Ideas and Waxing Near Me Tips

To care for dry and brittle hair, limit the use of accessories such as heated flat iron, curling iron, and hair dryer, and also avoid metal hair clips and elastics, and finally, they must feed daily.

Here is the recipe for a nourishing mask to achieve 1 to 2X a week after shampooing to restore softness and vitality to your hair.

Remove the pulp of 3 or 4small (or 3 large) ripe avocados, mash it with 1 teaspoon honey and 1 tablespoon of avocado oil or olive oil, then add 10 drops of lavender oil. Then apply this mixture on damp hair concentrating on ends, wrap your head in a hot towel and keep it intact for about 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Do not use essential oils for children, pregnant or lactating mother.

Most beauty treatments for split ends are not preventive care and restorative care; indeed, no beauty treatment can repair your forks despite the promises of marketing certain brands – Once your hair is forked, a small cut is necessary to avoid worsening the problem of dry, brittle hair. If you are having the habit of coloring the hair, make sure the particular product is safe for your hair. Avoid frequent change of brand and stick on to the best fit.

Waxing Near Me

The waxing made with sugar, honey and lemon is a traditional one and effective and lasting (3-4 weeks) to hunt hair and it is not difficult to do so- Similarly, it is very natural and economical!

Preparation of the hair removal wax

Heat over a low heat 2 cups powdered sugar (60g ±) with one-half glass of water (150 ml ±) in a saucepan. Once it is heated well, add the juice of 1 small lemon stirring constantly, and then add 2 teaspoons of honey. Boil 2-3 minutes and remove the content from heat – the dough should not become dark brown. Tip the dough onto a work plan and let cool until the temperature of the wax is at body temperature.

Immediately knead it and make balls of average size (between the size of a walnut and the size of a kiwi). The dough should be soft and sticky. Apply small pieces of tweezers (range from 5 to 10 cm). Stretch to form a strip of wax on your skin, peel the dough, with a sudden gesture.
Fast in the opposite direction of the hair growth to remove and so again.
Always starting from the ankles up to the knees. Take a new ball of wax from the previous starts fewer tweezers.

The waxing is recommended to epilate your legs and arms … and the bikini line. And do it in underarms if you are expert hand and have a good tolerance for pain. Beginners and those who have sensitive skin prefer to use razor quality areas most painful tweezers. To pluck down the face, back or stomach, choose a bleaching cream. Indeed, a fluff of hair offers the unpleasant surprise of bristles and darker regrowth.

Once the hair removal is complete, take a shower to remove the trace of residue wax, dry up and apply Aloe Vera to soothe redness and irritation.

Makeup: Smoky Eye

Step by step instruction for getting a beautiful smoky eye:

Start applying a base for the Eyelids to enhance the maintenance and intensity of your makeup. Using a brush, apply an eye shadow of ivory color (attention, the color should not be too White. Choose a warm beige or pink) over the entire eyelid, from the lash line up to” the bone of the brow bone (under the eyebrow).

Draw the outline of your eye with a black pencil of the creamy texture of very dark black. Start with the outer corner of the eye and make small strokes inward without stretching. Draw the upper and lower eyelids. Draw the line thick enough to shading, the effect is hazier.

Using a sponge applicator or your finger, lightly smudge the line, so it gives a look more melted.

For this step, use a charcoal gray or black eye shadow for a more dramatic effect, but a Smokey eye can be done in the color of your choice. My suggestions: Try plum, blue or brown. In this case, I propose to arrange an eye pencil. Pencil dark plum is arranged at eye or eye pencil of marine blue and so on will look Gorgeous!

The smoky effect will be more natural to achieve with a broad brush and dense brush.
Before starting the application of shadow dark, I advise you to protect the bottom of your eyes by placing the right amount of loose powder that you come with a big sweeping brush makeup once completed. So you will not have to retouch or you and reapply concealer because your dark circles are black.

Apply blush coal (over the black pencil) of the lash to eyelid fold (the hollow under the eyebrow). To accurately determine the location of the fold, move the brush when your eye is open, and you look straight into the mirror.

Start by scanning several times to fully fade the paint. You can insist pressing harder and depositing more shadow near the eye and walk away towards the top of your eyelid by pressing less robust and storing fewer eyes. A Smokey eye is successful from very dark to anything. This requires a bit of practice, but it’s easier than it looks. You can also board the powder eye shadow over the pencil line below. The result will be more intense and long-lasting.

You can also add the blush ivory come around to the dark shadow to facilitate the completion of the fade effect.

When making up a more sustained, it is essential to intensify the eyebrow comes with either a brow pencil or powder with specific eyebrows. Choose the color for it blends well with your hair.

Mark as inside your upper and lower lids with black kohl pencil (kohl is specially formulated for application to the inside of the eye). It will create a final look incredibly sexy. I recommend you test the kohl powder is applied to a line with an eye closed.

Layer by layer several sheets of lengthening and volume of mascara in deep black color (prefer Mascaras “Carbon Black”) on your upper and lower lashes to maximize the glamorous look!

If you wish to play the TOTAL, do not hesitate to use false eyelashes. I suggest you false eyelashes in sections, they are easier to apply than the traditional fringe and give a more realistic result. Use two or three longer near the outer corner of your eyelid and get a face to Marilyn … So here you stand no more!

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