Hackers Vandalize Reddit With Pro-Trump Banners, Messages

Hackers Vandalize Reddit With Pro-Trump Banners, Messages

A coordinated hacking attack hit Reddit, which led to vandalism with dozens of sub-narcotics, supporting President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign.

A moderator on R / SubredditDrama posted a list of affected sub-groups, including r / NFL, r / BlackMirror, r / Food, r / Beer, r / Naruto, r / RupalsDragRace, r / DestinyTheGame, r / TheDailyZeitgeist, And many others. .

“An investigation is going on concerning a range of barbaric communities. It seems that the source of the attacks was compromised by intermediary accounts. We are working to close those accounts and restore affected communities, ”a Reddit spokesperson said in a statement to Digital Trends.

Reddit’s security team has begun to recover the defended subreddits, but according to an investigation by ZDNet, the vandalism is reportedly coming back after a few minutes.

The post on R / SubredditDrama, which instructs subredit moderators how they could overcome vandalism on their own, claimed that some of the hacked accounts had two-factor authentication enabled. The Post also speculated that the accounts used the same combination of usernames and passwords in other online forums with weak online security, or that a third-party mobile app was compromised.

Reddit shut down r / The_Donald

In June, after years of violating content policies, Reddit shut down r / The_Donald, a Trump-supporter sub-group placed under quarantine last year for content that supports violence.

R / The_Donald’s shutdown came with Reddit’s new content policy intended to push hate speech from the online community. About 2,000 subredits were banned, including r / darkhumorandmemes, r / chapotraphouse, r / eateproduct, r / darkjokecentral, and r / gendercritical.

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