Hackers flood Reddit communities with pro-Trump posts

Hackers flood Reddit communities with pro-Trump posts


Screenshot by Ry Crist / CNET

Reddit communities were taken as a massive hack on Friday morning, with a flood of pictures and posts supporting President Trump’s reunion campaign.

According to the site’s users, the affected communities, called subreddits, all began to see sudden changes in PT around 7 a.m., with banner images turned into pro-Trump imagery and a tidal wave of posts from the president Announced support for.

A Reddit spokesperson told CNET, “Investigations are underway concerning a range of barbaric communities.” “It appears that the source of the attacks was compromised by intermediary accounts. We are working to close those accounts and restore affected communities.”


Screenshot by ZDNet

Most of the scanned subredits we have seen so far seem to be back to normal.

“As you may have noticed our sub banner has changed a lot,” R / Shaverbir’s Mods wrote. “This is a direct result of our modern team being hacked. Rest assured that we are working to resolve the issue.”

“Today someone hacked our mods and hijacked everyone (fun !!!), so that everything looks … we’ll go with ‘not football’.” Which has more than 1 million subscribers. “At any rate, we are returning everything to pre-recession and it is happening well.”

According to ZDNet, where journalists tracked the hack as it happened, the list of affected subsystems now includes 91:

  • R / nfl
  • R / 49ers
  • R / TPB (Redd channel of Pirate Bay)
  • R / BlackMirror
  • R / beer
  • R / vancouver
  • R / dallas
  • R / Buffy
  • R / gorillas
  • R / Disneyland
  • R / Podcast
  • R / boston celtics
  • R / freefolk
  • R / StartledCats
  • R / TheDailyZeitgeist
  • R / supernatural
  • R / hentaimemes
  • R / GRE
  • R / GMAT
  • R / greatbritishbakeoff
  • R / 11foot8
  • R / truecrimepodcasts
  • R / Leafs
  • R / weddingplanning
  • R / Chadsriseup
  • R / bertstrips
  • R / CFB

Reddit users who hacked on Friday morning reported takeovers of several other subredits, including R / Blackpiscuiters, R / EDM, R / Avengers and R / PoliticalDiscussion.

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