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Grounded Armor Guide: Ranking the Best and Worst Armor Sets in Grounded

Without the right equipment, you can’t go backyard for very long land. Gnats may not have much trouble, but run with your bare fists on some ants or lawn mites, and you are really about to lose superfluous health. You are free to mix and match armor to gain different bonuses, but are equipped with all three pieces of the given set, and you will benefit from a unique set bonus.

Despite its initial access status, Obsidian’s new survival game actually already has quite a few armor sets, which gives you plenty of ways to tailor the build that makes up your playstyle. This informal land The armor level list does not match everyone’s expectations, but we’ve tried to consider offensive, defensive, and supporting traits, stats, and set bonuses to piece it all together.

Grounded Armor Tier List – S Tier

Spider set

Grounded Armor Tier List Spider SetGrounded Armor Tier List Spider Set
  • Piece Bonus: Hyperstamina
  • Set Bonus: Hunter’s chances

The spider set earns its place as the only S-Tier set for two reasons – to sharpen Stamina by offering its medium defense and full hyperstamina bonus as you fight. Once you make the right block, stopping you from completely destroying any creature with a good weapon is endurance management. Swing too much, and you probably won’t be able to stop your run from ending.

Spider Armor, which comes from the perfect block tester Orb Weaver, almost serves as a reward for mastering the art needed to take down animals. What you’re getting is not only decent defense, but a set bonus that should make blocking and attacking easier.

materials needed: 12x Spider Chunk, 8x Spider Silk, 7x Berry Leather, 2x Spider Fang

Grounded Armor Tier List – One Level

Acorn set

  • Piece Bonus: Max health
  • Set Bonus: uncrackable

Easy to boot and rock-solid, Acorn Armor is a great set that you can build quickly, easily and very quickly in the game. Its impressive defense and Max Health bonus should allow a larger margin, if you’re not even a full blocker pro. This is set-to-set for newbies to be sure.

As you expect, acorns are mostly found around large oak trees. Duck and weave between its roots, and you should find more than enough to make as a backup or to make some reserved sets for your enthusiastic friends.

Once you have the complete set, unrecoverable is applied. Despite being unconfirmed, many believe that the amount of stamina decreases when stopping an attack. This can be the difference between a stun strike.

materials needed: 6x Acorn Shell, 11x Knitted Fiber, 6x Clover Leaf, 5x Mite Fudge, 4x Sap

Piece set

  • Piece Bonus: Max Stamina
  • Set Bonus: Thick and juicy

Whenever you really need them, the grubs completely disappear the type of creatures. It can take some time to get enough time to prepare this set – or it can only take a minute or two. Either way, what you have left at the end is a set that is hyper-tuned to the aggressive playing style due to its Max Stamina bonus. As for the thick and juicy set bonus, no one really knows what it does.

With so landHaving the extra stamina to work with (and willpower), to rely on blocking, attack and strafing makes a lot of difference. On average, this allows you to pull six swings of the powerful Ant Club instead of about four – this means you can make good use of a sudden stun or swing more aggressively while still blocking energy or The goal is left around the straf. This is good news when you’re up against big critters like orb weavers, stinkbugs and ladybugs.

It’s not going to protect you from too many hits, but it doesn’t mean it. This lets you pull destructive stun and block combo.

materials needed: 12x grub hide, 8x hay slice, 2x grub goop, 2x mite fuzz, 1x raw soy meat

gas mask

Gas masks make farming stinkbugs much simpler. Instead of getting them out of your gas and hoping that it won’t enter your lungs, the gas mask completely negates it. Given that Stinkbug locked himself in a long animation to take out the gas at the start of the fight, being able to ignore it meant loads of free hits.

You will need a single stinkbug part as part of the craft, but lucky, and all you have to do is watch a spider move under you. It is just a shame that they offer without any defense.

If you are a supporter to avoid their stink and know your way around the dodge, you can use this particular piece for more attack-oriented tools like Eyepatch +. If you still prefer a little defense while fighting large creatures, then the Might Hat below may be a better bet.

materials needed: 1x Wave Nose, 4x Gnut Fuzz, 2x Woven Fiber, 1x Stinkbug Parts

eyepatch +

Made from simple materials, this upgrade on regular eyepiece is a no-brainer. It offers virtually no defense, but fond of its attacks and attack stamina will make you tough for a long time. It’s not worth sacrificing something like the bonus of a spider set, but it’s a quick and easy craft that can fill up for a piece while you work to gather the rest of the materials you need to finish the set it occurs.

materials needed: 1x Woven Fiber, 2x Fiber Strip, 1x SAP

Grounded Armor Tier List – B Tier

Ladybug set

  • Piece Bonus: Blocking strength
  • Set Bonus: Scarlett hug

The ladybug set is the perfect upgrade to the acorn set – it is a hyper-defensive option for players who cannot rely on their ability to block. Ladybug armor sits purely under the acorn set because of how hard it is to get by players who usually need it.

The Ladybugs worked hard, and without the right blocks, a fight against them could actually eat into the Restoration, allowing them to cultivate expensive, dangerous critters only for marginal upgrades. Once ready, however, the ladybug set provides more defense than acorn armor and is a very helpful blocker strength buff to make them more comfortable by increasing the number of hits that can block before cautious players are stunned. Provides.

The Scarlet Embrace Set Bonus allows you to regenerate HP over time, which can pay for the restrictions used to cultivate over time.

materials needed: 11x Ladybug Part, 11x Berry Leather, 6x Flower Petal, 1x Ladybug Head

Rotten b set

  • Piece Bonus: Sprint distance
  • Set Bonus: None (fuzzy cushion with non-soten set)

Although it is already known as some kind of legend land, Rotten B armor really, because you get it, in that weird way, are not meant to be sniffed at.

Grounded Rotten B armor cannot be crafted – it can only be found. It always remains in one place, though: inside the anthill, to the west of the mysterious machine. Each piece of the set is tied throughout the underground tunnel, so you must keep your eyes open to lift each piece off the ground. The ant armor set bonus works wonders here.

When you do this together, some don’t expect a dev-level rescue. The Rotten B armor is slightly less strong than the acorn set when it comes to raw defense. And because it is a damaged version of a set that we cannot craft yet, its set bonus does not have a bummer.

All you get is a sprint distance buffer equipped with each piece, which simply reduces the stamina shortage when you – you guessed it – sprint.

materials needed: Can’t craft

Aphid slippers

Piece Bonus: The quickness

Opened by analyzing the raw aphid meat, the aphid sandal is nothing more than hollow carcasses. Gross, fixed, but supremely slippery according to their tooltip. This makes the wizard of Oz-style shoes great for getting around the backyard brisk.

Like Gas Mask or iPatch +, aphid slippers offer further protection in the same slot without proper armor. The bottom is paired with a coagulation set like the C-Tier luggage, however, villagers will be able to zip around and pick up material like no tomorrow there. Just set the weight you are willing to give for speed.

materials needed: 2x Raw Aphid Meat, 10x Mite Fudge

Grounded Armor Tier List – Sea Tier

Ant set

  • Piece Bonus: Hauling Strength
  • Set Bonus: HumAnt

Regardless of what is provoked, as long as the ants can work hard enough to fasten the ant’s armor – not to mention how often they come in pairs (or worse). This solid provides adequate protection that is comparable to the grub set. But its capability – Hauling – does nothing to help in the fight.

The Highling Strength simply allows you to carry up to 10 grass planks or weed stums, by default of five, this is best suited as a set to increase the base building speed. This is best left in a nearby chest for Assorn / Ladybug-dependent players to quickly build structures, while more confident players go on the hunt.

With a full set, however, HumAnt kicks in bonuses, even turning Soldier ants into dormant creatures, searching for anthill – such as those with rotten B armor – free of danger. This is an extra set of clothes for your friends.

materials needed: 14x ant section, 11x mite fuzz, 2x knitted fiber, 2x acid gland, 1x ant head

Clover set

  • Piece Bonus: Cloth cleaner
  • Set Bonus: Moist

With less than an ant set to defend, Clover only managed a skirt that slipped into the D Tier due to his fuller bonus. As you can imagine, Fuller prevents your stomach from emptying too fast, making you so less dependent on rumor around food. This boon extends to thirst with a full set equipped thanks to its Moise set bonus.

This is not going to protect you from the big, fast creatures of the game, but negating the possibility of lawn mites being over, as you starve to death, it is good when you are cutting grass or getting out. Pebbles and other staple materials.

materials needed: 13x Clover Leaf, 6x Knitted Fiber, 2x Sprig

Meat Hut

The Mite Hat is an incredible piece of gear. If the grub hides it sometimes does not cause such pain, it probably will not be the case. But you need both those and five lots of Might Fuzz – another oddly absent crater when you discover them – it’s hard to recommend Might Hat over easy-to-get grub goggles. At least Max Stamina and Hyperstamina, on the same piece, are almost the same thing after all.

materials needed: Hide 5x grub, 5x mite fuzz

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